The traditional art of bread making lives on in the North West

25 March, 2014

While bread, in its simplest, form is not too tricky to make, baking the perfect loaf can be a real labour of love that bakers will gladly spend hours over.

BAKO stocks a range of convenient mixes for anyone who doesn’t have time to spare, but for those able to spend a little longer on their craft, nothing can ever really compare to the joy of serving up freshly baked loaves straight from the oven. We understand the delight of creating something from scratch and stock all the baking essentials needed to complete every part of the process.

To celebrate the art of bread making, appreciating the long hours that our local bakers spend tirelessly kneading and proving dough, BAKO have put together a list of North West bakers that are keeping this tradition alive.

Robinsons Bakery

Robinson’s bakery is one of Manchester’s oldest family run bakeries. Robinsons are known for their traditional yet innovative bread flavours, ranging from the wholemeal bloomer and Lancashire loaf to their Italian Focaccias and black pudding bread.

Peter Herd Cakes

While mainly known for their amazing cakes, Peter Herds are also experts when it comes to baking bread. Here they have created an instantly recognisable Tiger bread loaf: a white bloomer known for its crusty exterior and soft doughy centre. The bread is generally made with sesame oil which gives it such a distinctive aroma when cut into.



Homebaked, a community-owned bakery and Land Trust in Liverpool, have created this flavoursome sundried tomato and chilli bread. Also known for their amazing walnut and stilton and poppy seed loaves, home baked by members of the community, these bread-makers really are ‘baking a difference’ in Liverpool.

Trove Café

Trove Café, a well-known artisan cafe and bakery in the North West, are famous for their love of crafting all things bread and in particular pizza dough! Focusing on bread in the week, with everything from Sourdough to a Fig Rye, and their delicious pizzas during the weekend, with the classic Margarita to the egg, spinach and olive topped Spanish Florentina, Trove Café are defying the odds that ‘man cannot live by bread alone!’

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