The North Wests bakers are creating Christmas alternatives

24 November, 2014

As Christmas fast approaches many bakers have already started their festive preparations by adding a variety of tasty Christmas inspired treats to their menus. From fruity Christmas cake adaptations to alternative wintery puddings, bakers around the North West have taken on the challenge to revamp those traditional Christmas bakes and create their own festive selection that may even rival the classics.

Mini Christmas cupcakes from J&D Cupcake Co

These Christmas themed cupcakes from J&D Cupcake Co, are a great alternative for those who don’t require a whole Christmas cake to feed their family. We’re sure everyone will enjoy this alternative, but mini cupcakes are an even better alternative for those with mini hands! Children are bound to love these bite sized treats. Classic vanilla or chocolate sponge flavours also offers an alternative, for those who don’t like the traditional fruit cake. Topped with a swirl of velvety buttercream and adorned with sugar paste decorations they’ll get everyone in the festive spirit.

Penguin cake pops from Sweet & Sinful Cupcakes

Another great alternative to tempt your customers with are Christmas themed cake pops. These penguin pops from Sweet & Sinful Cupcakes make for a quirky Christmas treat that are sure to be popular over the season. Why not try creating some of your own Christmas character cake pops for your customers to enjoy?  Santa Claus, snowmen or Christmas trees would also make great designs. How about creating a cake pop Christmas collection and sell them gift wrapped as stocking fillers?

Jar of cookie ingredients from Deva-licious Cakes

Presented in a keepsake jar, this clever gift idea from Deva-licious is a perfect gift for your amateur baker customers this Christmas. It literally couldn’t be any more fool-proof, as all the ingredients needed for these delicious white chocolate chip cookies are provided and pre-measured for you.

Why stop with cookies? Cakes, biscuits and brownies are just some of the mixes you could put together in these jars, making great gifts this Christmas. Not only do they look good, but because everything’s pre-measured your customers will know they’ll taste great too!

Christmas pudding ice cream from Needwood Ice cream

Christmas pudding is renowned for being full of flavour, however sometimes it can be too rich to eat after a big Christmas dinner. Needwood Ice Cream have come up with the solution, by whipping up a lighter yet still indulgent alternative dessert, Christmas pudding flavoured ice cream. Why not try using traditional Christmas flavours in other desserts? Mince pie inspired cheesecake or mincemeat muffins with a brandy laced frosting are sure to be a hit with the grown-ups.

Or how about offering another wintery twist on dessert with a baked Alaska. Snowy white meringue baked around a chilled ice cream centre would make the perfect pudding for those with a sweeter tooth.

Snowmen cookies from Roses the Bakers

Biscuits are great for customers who are entertaining during winter as they can be handed round big groups with ease and can look impressive too. Traditionally shortbread is a real Christmas classic, and can be enjoyed on their own or even sold as gifts in Christmas wrapped tins.

Roses the Bakers have created a Christmas twist on the cookie with these snowmen inspired treats. Topped with chewy marshmallow and decorated with soft icing these would be great served alongside a warm hot chocolate. Or how about trying one of their robin inspired chocolate Christmas mallows instead? Try creating your own Christmas cookies that can be sold individually or by the tin as a perfect gift alternative?

Candy cane cake from Stuart Thornley Cake Design

This candy cane cake from Stuart Thornley Cake Design is definitely a unique spin on the traditional Christmas cake. Creating an attractive marbled design from candy cane flavours and colours creates a real surprise when sliced.

Christmas cake doesn’t have to just be a spiced fruit cake, why not try a red velvet cake filling for your menu? A vibrant red filling can still fit in with a Christmas theme and the contrast of a white blanket of silky cream cheese frosting could suggest a lovely snowy scene.

A yule log is another great Christmas cake alternative that still keeps customers in the festive spirit. A thick topping of rich chocolate buttercream spread onto a chocolate filled, rolled sponge would be hard for any chocolate lover to resist.

What festive creations will you be whipping up this winter? Whether they’re new and inventive or a festive classic we’d love to hear about them on Twitter. Don’t forget to send us your snaps too!

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