Taking the fuss out of picnic season

28 April, 2014

With the Summer weather finally arriving, now seems like the ideal time for BAKO North Western to share a simple way for café and bakery owners to attract the seasonal picnic trade. BAKO believe there is a key opportunity for bakeries to put together a fuss free option for those hungry picnickers, with ready-to-go options for those on the move.

BAKO North Western supplies a wide range of first-class products from household brand names to high quality BAKO Own label products to take the fuss out of having to prepare everything from scratch. Taking this as our inspiration, we’ve put together suggestions for the perfect picnic basket, from BAKO North Western’s extensive array of fresh food and baking supplies. With everything from sandwich fillers and sliced meats, pies and pastries to crisps and cakes.

Have we left anything out? We’d love to hear from local café owners, bakers and chefs on which snacks you feel a picnic really can’t do without.

BAKO picnic 23.04.14

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