Substitute ingredients not taste!

3 December, 2015

Every year the catering world is hit by new baking trends, and baking with substitute or alternative ingredients is a trend that isn’t going away fast. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative for your customers, or you’re just looking to create delicious twists on some of your menu classics, there’s no need to substitute taste.

The BAKO NW team have found some delicious recipes with added ingredients that we believe will prove popular on your menus.


Commonly used in savoury dishes, the courgette definitely isn’t the boring vegetable that some may think, plus it’s a great source for making your bakes extra moist.

Courgette loaf cake

Try an alternative to your banana and walnut loaf and substitute the fruit with a courgette to create this sweet, spiced loaf cake. The addition of courgette and sultanas helps keep this loaf cake extra moist and can be frozen for up to one month. Served hot or cold, it is perfectly accompanied by a generous spreading of salted butter.

Zucchini Bread


Beetroot isn’t just popular in a traditional salad anymore as many bakers now regularly add them to their bakes and dessert menus. They’re perfect for adding moisture to baked goods and make a great alternative to extra butter or oil needed in your recipe, whilst adding extra natural sweetness. Beetroot is a great alternative when you don’t want to sacrifice taste or texture.

Dark Chocolate Beetroot Brownies

Most commonly paired with chocolate flavours, beetroot works well at masking any possible earthy flavour as they both combine to create a moreish treat that your customers will find hard to resist.

Why not try adding beetroot to your dark chocolate brownie mix for added depth and moisture, not forgetting the tempting red hue which beets add to the finished bake. Try adding in chocolate chips or chopped nuts for an even more indulgent treat.



We’re sure many of you will have customers that are looking for something a little healthier, but that needn’t mean they should miss out on your delicious breads, cakes, cookies and other baked goods. Coconut flour is a delicious and healthy alternative to wheat that can be used to make a variety of delicious baked goods, snacks and desserts.

The delicious hint of sweetness and vanilla that coconut brings to your baking is also becoming popular by using coconut oil. Why not try replacing some of the butter in your recipe with this healthy alternative?

Orange poppy seed muffins

Served as a delicious continental breakfast option or simply as an afternoon snack, these sweet orange and poppy seed muffins made with coconut flour are sure to fly off your counters. Simply replace your wheat based flour with coconut in your recipe for a light and sweet muffin.

Mixing arrowroot starch with coconut flour helps ingredients bind together and prevents a dense bake which coconut flour can produce.

Why not serve warm with a drizzle of honey on your brunch menu?


Bakers, if you substitute any ingredients in your bakes we’d love to hear about them on our Twitter.

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