Stripped back baking: naked cakes

14 April, 2015

When you think of a wedding cake, it’s not unusual to think of a tall tiered cake, draped in a layer of crisp white fondant. However, wedding cakes have been getting a make under, with ‘naked’ wedding cakes becoming one of the biggest baking trends of the last few years. Naked cakes are tipped to become even more popular in 2015, with many customers opting for a more natural, rustic decoration.

naked cake 3

Christened the ‘naked’ cake for its unfrosted and stripped back decoration, the appeal of this bake comes from the natural beauty and flavour of its sponge. Without sugarpaste flowers and fondant to rely on, the naked cake puts an emphasis on seasonal produce, opting for decorations of fresh fruit and flowers. Although these cakes are not healthy, they definitely have the appearance of being ‘better for you’.

A cake without icing certainly doesn’t mean a plain bake, while the sponge and filling remain visible contrasting layers such as red velvet, chocolate and salted caramel add plenty of interest, not to mention the layers of flavoursome fillings in between!

naked cake 2

Naked cakes have become a popular choice at weddings but you and your business shouldn’t hesitate to put your own spin on this baking trend. Single tiered layer cakes can easily look as stunning as their tall tiered counterparts and would make the perfect addition to your cake counter this Spring.

Naked cakes are perfect for the warmer seasons as sticky fondant no longer becomes a problem and with plenty of fresh fruit in season, decorating your cakes is easier than ever. BAKO North Western stock plenty of ingredients to make taking on this trend simple and delicious!

sweet Wedding cake decorated with tasty strawberries

Why not try a rich naked chocolate cake? For those of you that haven’t got time to bake from scratch why not try BAKO Chocolate Crème Cake Mix, it’s perfect for baking into a light fluffy sponge. Simply sandwich the chocolate layers together with fluffy white chocolate frosting or for a more decadent flavour try BAKO Dark Chocolate Fudgeice. In addition, a handful of tart summer berries to cut through rich flavours and bright seasonal flowers will bring this bake to life.


Or how about adding citrus flavours to a naked cake, making it ideal for a Spring/Summer wedding? Subtle orange notes are a delicious way to embrace the trend of focusing on flavour; the addition of grated orange zest to a traditional sponge mix along with an orange infused buttercream is sure to be a hit with customers. This bake would look stunning decorated with candied fruit slices and complimentary Spring flowers. For those of you with less time on your hands, BAKO stock plenty of delicious plain sponge cake mixes, perfect for adding any flavour or colour too, to really make a bake your own.

Cake with cream

This is one baking trend showing no sign of slowing down so don’t hesitate to share snaps of your naked cakes with us on Twitter.

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