Satisfying sandwich fillings

21 July, 2014

Sandwiches have become a real staple food for Brits, most famously enjoyed as a lunch time food, they also make an ideal addition to a picnic basket or even a buffet. Thanks to their almost universal appeal, versatility and simple preparation methods, sandwiches have become a firm favourite on many bakers’ and cafes’ menus.

Of course the best thing about sandwiches is the endless number of different filling combinations to experiment with, so here at BAKO NW we’ve taken a look at some of the North West bakers that have turned this simple snack into a delicious gourmet meal.

The Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood, a New York inspired eatery and bar in the heart of Manchester, have honed their unique take on casual fine dining and luxury ingredients. These food masters have created their own twist on the NY club sandwich: chicken, bacon, fried egg and salad served on the customer’s choice of toast.



Sunshine bakery

The Sunshine Bakery in Harrogate have been enticing their customers with this hearty sandwich of pastrami and pickle with mustard mayonnaise.  


Gourmet Hot dogs

Britain’s specialist hot dog emporium located in Leeds, are renowned for their gourmet hot dogs but also offer much more, from deli bagels, to fresh salads and sandwiches. They have created a signature sandwich on their menu consisting of pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, their chef’s own smooth and spicy mustard and mojo sauce.



Bakehouse Kitchen

Bakehouse Kitchen, Liverpool, have been tempting their customers with this mouth-watering meatball sub, oozing with melting cheese and Italian pesto.


For those of you that haven’t got the time to prepare sandwich fillings from scratch, BAKO NW stock Big Sandwich sandwich fillers and sliced meats ranging from chicken tikka, to chilli beef and prawn mayonnaise: perfect to create a speedy sandwich.

Bakers and chefs of the North West, are there any unusual sandwich fillings that have proven a hit with your customers? We’d love to hear about your tasty menu options on Twitter.

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