5 chocolate Valentine’s Day recipes you’ll fall in love with

6 February, 2017

With our 2017 #BAKOLovesChocolate competition fully underway, we thought we’d provide a little inspiration for your chocolatey Valentine’s Day bakes this year!

So, what to make? From rich dark chocolate cakes to sweet white chocolate cookies, there are a whole host of chocolate filled Valentine’s Day treats to choose from – all of which are sure to win our hearts! To spark a few ideas, we’ve picked out five chocolate Valentine’s Day recipes we hope you’ll fall in love with too.

Want to get involved in our #BAKOLovesChocolate competition? Vote for your winner before 14th February!

1. Dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting

Dark chocolate cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting

Rich dark chocolate paired with sweet, tangy raspberries is certainly a match made in heaven, so why not give this indulgent treat a go this Valentine’s? Whip up a batch of classic chocolate cupcakes, top with vibrant raspberry buttercream and decorate with piped chocolate hearts and fresh raspberries for a Valentine’s Day cupcake which is sure to impress.

2. Chocolate and pomegranate layer cake

Chocolate and pomegranate layer cake

Indulgence at its finest, this chocolate and pomegranate layer cake is simply irresistible. Three layers of rich dark chocolate and pomegranate sponge separated by a smooth dark chocolate ganache, topped with tart pomegranate seeds – this recipe certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. Serve on its own or pair with double cream for a decadent dessert.

3. Valentine’s amaretto truffles

Valentine’s amaretto truffles

If you’re looking for something a little more romantic this Valentine’s, these romantic amaretto truffles are sure to tempt your customers’ taste buds. Combine dark chocolate, coconut milk, maple syrup, amaretto and coconut oil for your creamy truffle base, then roll them in beetroot powder to complete the amorous effect.

4. Hidden heart loaf cake

Hidden heart cake

Who doesn’t like a few surprises on Valentine’s Day? This chocolatey hidden heart loaf cake is incredibly effective and a great way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Bake your pink sponge first, then cut out 3cm hearts from each slice. Make your chocolate cake batter, then add a small amount of your chocolate cake mix to a loaf tin. Tightly hold the sponge hearts together in a row, then spoon the rest of the chocolate mixture over the top and bake. Finish by covering with chocolate frosting and chocolate sprinkles!

5. Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

Raspberry Cheesecake Brownies

Gooey chocolate brownie topped with velvety raspberry cheesecake – what’s not to love? One of the ultimate foodie mashups, combining brownie and cheesecake is definitely a perfect pairing. Spread your chocolate brownie batter evenly around the base of a square tin, then top with your tangy raspberry cheesecake mixture before baking. Leave to chill once baked, then serve as a Valentine’s Day treat your customers aren’t likely to forget!

Inspired? Tweet us a photo of your best Valentine’s Day-themed chocolate bake, using the hashtag #BAKOLovesChocolate, by Tuesday 7th February for your chance to win one of three Callebaut™ chocolate baking hampers!

Introducing our 2017 Valentine’s Day competition: #BAKOLovesChocolate

1 February, 2017

Chocolate-lovers assemble! It’s competition time…

This Valentine’s, we’re teaming up with world-renowned master chocolatiers, Callebaut™, to bring you a competition after every chocoholic’s heart. Back for a third year running, we’re giving you the chance to win a luxury Callebaut™ hamper, filled with some of the finest Callebaut™ chocolate products and baking goodies, in our annual #BAKOLovesChocolate competition.

And guess what? This year, we’ve got prizes for bakers who place 1st, 2nd AND 3rd, all of whom will win Callebaut™ hampers of varying sizes! Interested? Here’s how to get your hands on the Callebaut™ treats.

How to enter:

Step 1:

Take a photo of your best Valentine’s Day-inspired chocolatey bake.

Step 2:

Tweet us @BAKO_NW the photo of your chocolate bake using the hashtag #BAKOLovesChocolate

Step 3:

On Wednesday 8th February, we’ll shortlist our favourite bakes and then you can vote for your winner!

Good luck!

**Entries for this competition are now closed. Find out who won!** 

Our competition winners will be announced on Twitter on Tuesday 14th February, so keep your eyes peeled to find out if you’ve won!

Need a little inspiration to get started? To kick things off, we’ve created an infographic to provide you with a whole host of inspiration for your chocolate bakes this Valentine’s! If you fancy trying out a few new flavours this February, we’ve put together a handy chocolate pairings cheat sheet to ensure every single one of your chocolate bakes is as delicious as the next.

The ultimate guide to the best chocolate flavour pairings | BAKO NW

Inspired? Don’t forget to tweet us your Valentine’s Day chocolate designs using the hashtag #BAKOLovesChocolate! And who knows, we might be sending you the chocolate-filled Callebaut™ hamper this month!

If you need to stock up on chocolate before you start, take a look at our product guide for all our best chocolate ingredients. Want to know more about the world-class Callebaut™ chocolate? Head over to their website to find out why 99% of chefs agree that Callebaut™ gives high quality results!

3 brilliant blood orange recipes you need to try

27 January, 2017

Baking with the seasons is a great way to ensure your bakes are bursting with flavour, not to mention keeping your recipes full of variety. For January, we’re taking a closer look at the vibrant blood orange. A fruit which adds a sharp, tangy contrast in any sweet recipe, this delicious orange is perfect for paring with sugary syrups and sticky caramel. And it’s not just the blood orange flavour that makes it so popular. Adding a vivid splash of colour to almost any bake, we’ve picked out three brilliant blood orange recipes we want to try this season.

1. Blood orange tart

Blood orange tart

Tangy, caramelised blood orange slices paired with a citrus filling, this zesty tart is sure to get your customers’ attention! Combine sugar, blood orange juice, zest and orange blossom water with eggs and egg yolks, then add in butter over a gentle heat. Once the mixture has thickened, pour the tart filling into a precooked sweetened shortcrust pastry case and leave to cool. Arrange blood orange slices over the top, sprinkle with demerara sugar, then use a blowtorch to create a caramelised effect. A dessert sure to brighten up any January day, serve this treat with rich vanilla custard or double cream.

2. Blood orange doughnuts

Blood orange doughnuts

Forget strawberry jam and custard, doughnuts at this time of year are all about getting your fix of citrus! The best thing about these doughnuts is that you don’t need any artificial colourings to get the vivid pink hue into your glaze – blood oranges provide that all on their own. Cover your doughnuts in the vibrant, fruity icing, before decorating them with candied blood orange slices. Although these sweet treats look more like they belong in a summer selection, these seasonal doughnuts are in fact a winter indulgence – adding a much needed splash of colour to your menu!

3. Blood orange loaf cake

Blood orange loaf cake

If doughnuts don’t take your fancy, why not indulge your customers with a delicious blood orange loaf cake instead? Swap your usual lemon drizzle recipe to include the zest and juice of blood oranges for a modern twist on one of our favourite citrus classics. Skewer your blood orange flavoured sponge then drizzle the blood orange syrup over the cake and leave it to cool. Finish your bake by coating the top with an orange glaze and decorate with candied blood orange slices to complete the effect.

Do you know any brilliant blood orange recipes? Let us know your favourites via Twitter!

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