North West bakers whip up some egg-cellent treats

19 March, 2015

With Easter on the way, it’s time to start thinking about treating your customers to a variety of seasonal cakes and bakes. Many of your customers may have given up their favourite treats for lent, making Easter the perfect time to whip up something truly irresistible. Luckily, the bakers of the North West have taken on this challenge and have started to create an abundance of creations for the Easter season.

To provide you with some inspiration, we’ve put together some of our favourite mouth-watering Easter treats that we’ve seen from our Twitter community. We can’t wait to see what other unique creations the bakers of the North West come up with!


Pioneers in the macaron world, Yipsy Macarons have created these flower macarons for their Easter collection.

Flowers are perfect for Spring but why not try piping other shapes for Easter macarons? Oval shapes can easily be decorated to look like Easter eggs and when sandwiched together with a rich chocolate ganache, they can taste like one too!


Who doesn’t like to enjoy a hot cross bun over Easter? A soft bread bun studded with dried fruit? Delicious.

Dormouse Chocolates have put an exciting spin on this classic with their hot cross truffles. Not only have they embodied traditional flavours within the chocolate for Easter but they’ve also pulled off a rival for their bread counterpart.

There are all sorts of delicious Easter flavours that can easily be turned into handmade chocolates. Marzipan balls dipped into rich dark chocolate are sure to be a hit. Or how about whipping up some chocolate simnel style truffles? Made from a creamy chocolate ganache with the addition of dried fruit and ground almonds, rolled into a coating of cocoa and spices, they’ll be hard to resist. Easter truffles could also make a perfect gift alternative to a chocolate egg.


To make the most of the Easter period, Sugar 245 have expanded their already impressive marshmallow collection with an Easter egg addition. Who could resist a fluffy marshmallow studded with chocolate mini eggs? We certainly couldn’t and we don’t know how your customers will!

Mini chocolate eggs are a simple but delicious way to decorate your bakes over Easter. From using mini eggs to top swirls of buttercream on cupcakes, to folding into brownies before baking.

BAKO stock a range of different coloured mini chocolate eggs to give your Easter products a pop of colour and a chocolatey crunch.


This adorable cake pop from Lizzie Loves Cake is the perfect example of how effective Spring animal themed treats are at Easter.

Cake pops are ideal as they’re so versatile. There’s bound to be something for every customer as you can experiment with different flavours and decorations. So why not create some Easter cake pops of your own? Lambs and chicks, traditionally associated with Spring, are easy to bring to life in this way. Dipping round cake pops into black chocolate coating and decorating with soft white piped icing could make the perfect addition to your Easter cake counter. For an alternative, why not try Easter egg cake pops? Coated in a layer of chocolate and sprinkles, these are a treat not to be missed.

So far, bakers of the North West have created a range of contemporary Easter treats but if you’re looking for some more traditional bakes, BAKO stock plenty of classic Easter products. BAKO Golden Marzipan is the perfect way to add an Easter twist to your baking and makes the perfect topping for a classic simnel cake. For those of you with less time on your hands, our BAKO Celebration Cake Mix creates perfect results every time.

We’d love to hear about your ideas for the Easter baking period on Twitter, or why not send us some snaps of what you’ve created so far?

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