National Brownie Day

8 December, 2015

Today marks possibly the most indulgent day in the baking calendar, National Brownie Day, and we’re sure your customers will be just as excited as we were to hear it!

With lots of different variations on this rich, gooey treat, we’re sure there’ll be one to suit all your customers’ taste buds! With this in mind the team at BAKO NW have been left with our mouths watering putting together our favourite brownie flavours that you could add to your menu.

Cheesecake Brownie

Cheesecake brownies have proved an extremely popular trend during 2015 and we don’t expect they’ll be going anywhere fast. This decadent chocolate brownie recipe works well as an afternoon treat but can also be served up as a luxurious pudding. Simply add an indulgent swirl of cream cheese, sugar and egg yolks into your brownies to give a delicious tangy contrast against the rich chocolate flavour. The addition of raspberries will also help to add a fresh contrast to this rich bake, adding bursts of juice where the fruit has been cooked. Your customers are sure to be tempted to try one!

Cheesecake brownies with raspberry stacked on a plate

Another twist on the cheesecake brownie is to swirl chunks of it into your cheesecake mix or swap the biscuit base in your recipes with a brownie base for a sumptuous finish.

Marshmallow crunch brownie

Think rocky road meets s’mores but with an even gooier twist. This marshmallow crunch brownie is set to be a real crowd pleaser! Top your chocolate brownies with marshmallows, a variety of chopped nuts and chocolate chunks and then pop under the grill until the chocolate melts and the marshmallows and nuts start to toast. This is definitely one enjoyed hot!

iStock_000036252520_Small (1)


Who said brownies had to be brown? This white chocolate brownie recipe is the perfect treat! Simply swapping the milk or dark chocolate in your recipe for white chocolate provides a much sweeter and creamier alternative. Paired with chopped macadamia nuts, this really is a bake that your customers will find hard to resist.


Although great served both hot and cold, try serving warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream for the ultimate treat!

Marbled peanut butter brownie

Peanut butter is becoming more and more popular adding a rich nutty taste to bakes. Just before popping your brownie mix into the oven, scoop a few blobs of your favourite peanut butter randomly into the mix. Once in the oven the peanut butter will spread, marbling itself into the brownie mix offering up a molten peanut butter taste when bitten in to.

Perfect for those customers with a seriously sweet tooth.

peanut butter

BAKO NW also stock a variety of handy ready-made brownie mixes to create rich and moist yet chewy brownies, requiring only the addition of water and oil.

If you’ve got any moreish brownie recipes you make for your menu, we’d love to hear all about them on our Twitter!

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