Mix it up this June! Presenting our BAKO Select cake mixes

19 June, 2016

As professional bakers, ensuring that each of your bakes is of the highest quality is essential. When it comes to cakes, achieving that perfect consistency every time can be tricky. Luckily, using a professional cake mix can help guarantee a delicious cake every time.

With wedding season in full swing and afternoon tea forever popular throughout the summer months, we thought we’d take the time to showcase a few of our brilliant BAKO Select cake mixes. Ranging from delicious family favourites to basic mixes which allow you to add your own signature flavour combinations, high quality and consistency are at the heart of all our products.

Not only are our professional cake mixes great value, but they’ll also save you time, stress and keep your customers coming back for more.

BAKO Select Carrot Cake Mix


BAKO Carrot cake mix

This moist and full flavoured carrot cake mix has excellent slicing qualities, making it perfect for cutting evenly sized tray bakes. Also great for producing sticky loaf cakes and moreish cupcakes, this mix is spiced with cassia, ginger and cinnamon, and only requires the addition of water, vegetable oil and carrot to produce a carrot cake that has a deep, rich flavour. For best results, top with a delicious cream cheese frosting and finish with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts.

BAKO Select Scone Mix


BAKO Scone Mix

Perfect for catering for large afternoon tea orders, the BAKO Select Scone Mix is a great time saver when it comes to producing a large quantity of uniform scones. Creating scones with a superb volume and a crumbly texture, the scone mix delivers a wonderfully buttery flavour. Add mixed dried fruit or sultanas for a classic fruit scone, or just add water for a delicious plain scone. Put your own twist on the classic recipe by adding flavours such as cherries, blueberries or lemon zest.

BAKO Select Brownie Mix


BAKO Brownie mix

One of the nation’s favourite cakes, brownies are a regular feature on both our cake counters and dessert menus. Only requiring the addition of water to create a dense and gooey fudge brownie, the BAKO Select Brownie Mix is rich in chocolate flavour. Add your own stamp to the chocolate fudge brownie by adding chopped hazelnuts, chocolate chips or top with a warm salted caramel sauce.

BAKO Select Chocolate Crème Mix


BAKO Chocolate creme cake mix

A multi-purpose chocolate cake mix, this product is incredibly versatile and easy to use. Great for making a whole range of bakes, including cupcakes, sheet lines, muffins and loaf cakes, this cake mix promises a rich and indulgent chocolaty flavour. Requiring the addition of liquid egg, vegetable oil and water, the BAKO Select Chocolate Crème Mix is best paired with either Caramel or Chocolate Fudgice and can be repurposed time and time again.

BAKO Select Sponge Cake Mix


BAKO Sponge cake mix

A light, fatless sponge cake mix, this versatile batter acts as a blank canvas for you to put your own spin on. Only requiring the addition of water, this sponge mix is ideal for making high quality sponges such as Swiss rolls and ladyfingers, and can also be used to create a range of delicious sponge cakes. For unforgettable Swiss rolls, cover in either BAKO Select Strawberry Crush Jam or BAKO Select Raspberry Seedless Jam.

To see the full range of BAKO Select products, visit bakoselect.co.uk.

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