Key dates for the baking calendar 2015

15 January, 2015

Every year the team here at BAKO are impressed by the quality of bakes and the skills shown by our North West bakers, and 2014 has been no exception. Not only have we seen lots of great bakes but last year saw lots of exciting events, as shows seem to get bigger and better every year.

The team at BAKO have put together some key dates for this year’s baking calendar so you can take advantage of some of the great events and celebrations that are on offer.



January 27th – Chocolate Cake Day

From chocolate fudge cake to rich chocolate brownies, chocolate can transform the texture and flavour of any cake to create an even more indulgent treat.

Why not celebrate Chocolate Cake Day with some of BAKO’s Chocolate Crème Cake Mix? Versatile and rich it can be used to create cupcakes, loaf cakes, muffins and more.



Cake International – Manchester 6th – 8th February

Attracting cake enthusiasts, renowned industry experts, professional cake decorators and sugar crafters from across the country; Cake International is the perfect place to be inspired. Boasting the world’s largest display of competition pieces, and a range of supplies, workshops and demonstrations there really is something for everyone passionate about all things cake.


Valentine’s Day – February 14th

Valentine’s Day is an ideal time of year for bakers to come up with innovative creations to tug on the heart strings and we’re already looking forward to seeing this year’s collections!

Shrove Tuesday – February 17th

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as it is known to many is a day for indulgence. Pancakes can be topped with almost anything so this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get creative with your menu.

Why not try creating some savoury pancakes this year?


Mother’s Day – 15th March

Mother’s day is the perfect time of year to start whipping up some baked gifts for your customers as everyone takes the time out of their lives to celebrate the most special woman in their lives.

Take a look at some baked gift inspiration from last year’s Mother’s Day right here.


St Patricks Day – 17th March

St Patrick’s Day is the day to embrace all things Irish. Whether you’re creating bright green cupcakes with shamrock decorations or adding Guinness to bakes to give them a smooth rich flavour, embrace the festivities with some of BAKO’s mouth-watering inspiration.


Cake International London – 27th-29th March

After visiting Manchester earlier in the year, it’s London’s turn for Cake International.



April fool’s Day – 1st April

April fool’s Day may not be considered to most as a day of baking but last year we were blown away by the creativity of our bakers and their ability to trick the eye with their skills. So why not have some April fool’s fun with your customers this year?

Check out last year’s April fools bakes; it’s hard to believe they’re all made from cake!


Chester Food, Drink and Lifestyle Festival 2015 4-6th April

The Chester Food, Drink & Lifestyle Festival is the biggest event of its type to take place anywhere in the UK this Easter. With over 150 exhibitors and celebrity chef special guests taking part in live demonstrations, the Chester Food Festival brings all the fun of food to the outdoors.


Easter – 5th April

Easter is a great time to get creative with sugar paste! From Easter bunny themed bakes to chocolate eggs, there are plenty of possibilities for your menu; we even have an Easter workshop (19th February) featuring live demonstrations to get you in the spirit.



Doughnut Week 10th-17th May

National Doughnut Week is a unique opportunity for bakers, cafes and coffee shops across the UK to raise funds for The Children’s Trust. We can see why a whole week has been dedicated to doughnuts as their soft, airy texture paired with delicious sweet glazes or fillings makes them a treat to really get excited about.


World Baking Day 17th May

What could be a more important day in the baking calendar than a day dedicated to the art of baking itself?

Last year we saw some seriously impressive baking do you think you can top last year’s creations?



BBC Good Food Show – Birmingham 11th June – 14th June

The BBC Good Food Show returns to Birmingham in June once again. Featuring 400 stalls, restaurants, food and drink samples, workshops, retailers and seminars, it really is a food highlight for the baking calendar.


Father’s Day 21st June

Offering customers the opportunity to personalise gifts with their father’s name or favourite things could provide the special touch your customers are searching for Father’s day.

Some of last year’s highlights featured some fantastic personal touches.


Wimbledon 29th June – 12th July

The time of year when the nation goes tennis mad, and the ideal time to take advantage of fresh strawberry flavours. Last year not only did we see some fantastic tennis ball inspired creations we also saw some delicious strawberry infused baking.



National Ice Cream Month

With July being one of the hottest months of the year, it’s only fitting that it be the month to celebrate all things ice cream. Ice cream can be enjoyed in almost any flavour from classics such as vanilla and chocolate to more contemporary ones like bacon and olive oil.

Check out some of our highlights from last year for some extra inspiration.


Independence Day July 4th

Independence Day is full of American culture, activities and most importantly baking! Many of the dishes on your menu will be inspired by American classics and now is a great time to celebrate them.

Think super sweet flavours and generous portions.



National Sandwich Month

Sandwiches are delicious in many forms. Whether served hot or cold, there really is a filling to suit everyone’s tastes.


National Burger Day August 27th

Founded last year, National Burger Day was a huge success with more than 150 UK restaurants embracing the new trend.

Why not take part in the fun this year and treat your customers to some delicious flavour combos?



Afternoon Tea Week 11th –  17th

Afternoon tea gives the opportunity to show off your creations in bite size portions making it a worthy addition to any menu.

Why not celebrate afternoon tea week and show us your selection on twitter?


National Cupcake Week 16th – 22nd

National Cupcake Week is the time for bakers to whip up some of their best and most creative cupcakes. Cupcakes are a speciality for many of our bakers and whether you choose to show them off in store or online, make sure you get involved this year!

Take a look at our inspiration from last year.



Cake and Bake Manchester 16th – 18th

Whether you want to enter your creations in the competitions or learn some new decorating skills the Cake and Bake Show is a thorough celebration of all things cake. With live demonstrations, cake supplies and tasting classrooms, you’re sure to have your cake needs satisfied.



Homemade bread day 17th

Bread is a classic staple food and a labour of love for many bakers so naturally Homemade Bread Day made a feature on our list of key baking calendar events!

Nothing can ever really compare to the joy of serving up freshly baked homemade loaves straight from the oven so last year we looked at some of the variations of bread that can be enjoyed.



National Pastry Day 9th

Choux, shortcrust, puff, filo, and the list could go on. Pastry comes in many different forms and textures that can create the perfect base for many bakes, sweet or savoury.

For those who don’t have the time on their hands to make their own pastry. BAKO have a fantastic range of pastries for your baking needs.


The Christmas period

Christmas may be the most important event on this list and for bakers it is a month long celebration for creating the classics that can only be enjoyed at the festive time of year. With most of the country enjoying time off this means there is even more time for baking, and eating!

Here are some highlights from Christmas 2014

We can’t wait to see all of your creations in 2015, particularly those inspired by these exciting baking events. Don’t forget to send us your snaps on Twitter or tell us all about them!

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