Introducing the latest wedding cake trend: a Persian Love Cake

23 January, 2017

For a special day, nothing says love and affection quite like a Persian Love Cake. Created from an assortment of romantic scents and flavours, including rose water, pistachios and aromatic spices, this delightful sweet is guaranteed to win hearts. In fact, it already has done. It’s all in its history.
The Persian Love Cake’s connection to amorousness and romance is reflected in the legend behind it. It is thought this beautifully intricate bake was originally created by a young woman, madly in love with a Persian prince. To win his affection, she baked a Persian Love Cake, filled with a concoction of ingredients believed to radiate magical love powers, hidden within its soft sponge. The so-called ‘love potion’ elements were rosewater, cardamom and saffron – that have since provided this bake with its unique taste.

Whether you believe in love potions or not, it’s no surprise that this pretty treat is becoming a popular choice of wedding cake. A baked symbol of love and romance, why not try whipping up one of these special cakes and see what your customers think? It might even become part of your wedding cake offering for 2017.


What are the characteristics of a Persian Love Cake?


Persian Love Cake charactertistics
The sponge of the Persian Love Cake is traditionally made from a fusion of tangy lemon juice, spicy cardamom pods, strands of saffron and rosewater, combined with crunchy almonds. This creates a soft, oily sponge that will stay fresh for several days. For the icing, the cake is simply drizzled in a light zesty frosting, made from caster sugar, lemon and rosewater – giving it a flavoursome kick amongst an abundance of tastes. Variations of the Persian Love Cake include a topping of rosewater cream, and a cake made from ground almonds solely, not flour. Whichever way you decide to bake yours, we’re sure it’ll still taste great.

One element that remains the same with all Persian Love Cakes is the sprinkling of green pistachio nuts and rose petals to finish, creating a beautiful bake with a striking pop of colour.


How to make a unique Persian Love Cake


With the traditional elements of a Persian Love Cake taken care of, it’s time to think about how to make your amorous bake a little different.


Katherine Sabbath’s naked Persian Love Cake


Katherine Sabbath Persian Love Cake


Katherine Sabbath, renowned cake creator, baked a stunning naked Persian Love Cake, featuring rosewater cream cheese, pink meringue to assemble each layer and fresh figs to finish – for an even sweeter taste. With an array of pink frosting, edible sparkle and green pistachios, this delightful cake really is striking – and offers great inspiration for creating your own.


Persian Love Doughnuts


Persian Love Doughnuts


The romance behind the Persian Love Cake is in its ingredients, such as the rosewater and Persian spices, so what’s stopping you from creating, not a cake, but doughnuts instead? Simply make your doughnuts using cardamom, almond milk, baking powder and all-purpose flour (and a few extras), bake, then cover with a rosewater glaze topped with pistachios. For added colour, don’t forget the rose petals! Here’s a recipe for delightful cardamom and rosewater doughnuts.


Persian Love Cookies


Persian Love Cookies


These brightly-decorated cookies have a chewy almond base, all the while emanating distinct nutmeg, cardamom and rosewater aromas. Topped with pomegranate juice for even more colour, and sprinkled with pistachios and fresh edible flowers, these delightful biscuits are simple to bake yet look fantastic. Persian Love Cookies would make the perfect treat for a rustic country wedding. Why not choose edible flowers that match your customers’ wedding theme?


Persian Love Bundt


Persian Love Bundt


For an eye-catching cake shape, why not use a Bundt cake tin when baking your Persian Love Cake? For weddings, offering a selection of different Bundt shapes beautifully presented in a multi-tier stand creates a showstopping display. This Persian Love Bundt is drizzled in a mixture of honey, orange juice and rosewater – another unique variation of this classic cake.

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