How to give your cheesecakes a sensational summer twist

15 July, 2016

A fantastic dessert in both summer and winter, the classic cheesecake is a year-round dessert menu favourite. With the weather getting warmer, many bakers will be looking to swap their chocolate and hazelnut delights for fruitier seasonal alternatives.

If you’re a bit stuck for inspiration this year, we’ve dug out a whole host of fun ways that you can transform your cheesecakes from indulgent winter puddings to refreshing summer sensations!

Don’t believe us? Check out these six bright ideas that’ll completely transform this classic dessert.

Tropical flavours

Fresh fruit cake decorated with passionfruit and oranges mousse on light background. Modern european cake. Shallow focus

When we’re treated with a spell of warm weather here in the UK, nothing goes down better than a few delicious tropical flavours. Think mango, pineapple, passionfruit and coconut, paired with a rich and creamy cheesecake filling and a crumbly biscuit base. Team up sweet fruity flavours with a zing of citrus for a dessert that’ll really grab your customers’ attention!

Vibrant colours


Blueberry cheesecake with fresh blueberries

Often going hand-in-hand with tropical flavours, vibrant colours are a foolproof way of adding a little summer magic to your bakes. Use blueberries to create deep purples, tangerines for bright oranges and rhubarb for vivid pinks, all mounting up into one eye-popping cheesecake. Want to take your cheesecake to the next level? Use different coloured layers of cheesecake for a spectacular summer dessert.

Add a little booze

Cheesecake slice with fresh raspberry and mint leaves

Most of us enjoy a cheeky cocktail or two over the summer months, so why not add a hint of booze into your cheesecake for a more adult dessert option? Opt for a subtle suggestion of alcohol using flavours such as Pimm’s or raspberry and limoncello, or whip up something with a bit more of a kick to make mojito or margarita cheesecakes.

Combine two classics

Piece of delicious cheesecake with strawberry mousse, strawberry jelly and strawberries.

Combining two of your favourite recipes is a great way to reinvent the classic cheesecake, not to mention providing you with the opportunity to add a totally unique dessert to your menu. We love the idea of swapping the biscuit base for cake to create a strawberry shortcake cheesecake hybrid, or alternatively why not combine with crème brûlée or Eton mess for a whole new take on the cheesecake?

Marvellous minis

Raw Vegan Raspberry Coconut Cheesecake Dessert, healthy eating, close up, selective focus

Why stop at one flavour when you could serve two or three refreshing treats on one plate? There are plenty of options for whipping up these light bites, and whether you want to rustle up a trio of citrus cheesecakes or make your own summer berry assortment, we think these little cakes make fantastic additions to summer afternoon tea selections.

Picturesque plates

If you’re looking to turn your summer cheesecake into an unforgettable showstopper, why not invert the usual recipe and create a cheesecake biscuit beach? Cover a creamy vanilla cheesecake filling in a crumbly biscuit topping and finish with dropped ice cream cones for a picturesque summer scene.

What are your favourite summer cheesecake recipes? Share them with us via Twitter!

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