Food mashups: tasty two-in-one treats

9 June, 2015

One of 2015’s most irresistible food trends has been combining the most delicious elements of two dishes and turning them into one mouth-watering treat. Food mashups are a fun and unique way to indulge those customers who can’t choose between two of your creations.  As this food trend shows showing no sign of slowing down, the team at BAKO NW have put together some inspiration to show that two flavours can be better than one.


Croissant-Doughnuts, or Cronuts, have spent a lot of time in the spotlight after pastry chef Dominique Ansel invented them at his New York bakery. Laminated pastry is fried in flavourless oil to create a flaky doughnut like dessert. Typically filled with flavoured creams, custard or caramel and then rolled in sugar, these pastries fit the bill for customers with a sweet tooth.

Why not try filling croissant-doughnuts with a creamy mascarpone and strawberry filling to add an Eton mess style treat to your Summer menu? A white chocolate drizzle would make a deliciously indulgent finishing touch.

donut cronut on a wodden table

Cheesecake brownies

Another food mashup that’s been taking the dessert world by storm are mouth-wateringly delicious cheesecake brownies. Made with the addition of a thick tangy swirl of cream cheese on top of a gooey brownie base, the contrast of flavours are hard to resist. But how about taking this mashup one step further by creating red velvet cheesecake brownies? These attractive bakes will certainly catch your customer’s eye.

red velvet brownies


The Little Macaroon Shop in Liverpool have combined two French classics to create a unique pastry of their own, the Maclair. A choux pastry base is piped with an indulgent filling which is then topped with a chewy macaron. The combination of crunchy macaron, creamy filling and buttery pastry has made this hybrid one treat not to be missed.



Taking the rich gooeyness of brownies and the crisp chewiness of cookies, ‘brookies’ are bound to be a hit with customers of all ages. This mashup is made by simply adding more flour to brownie mix until it can be moulded using your hands, like with the cookie dough. How about adding finely chopped nuts for a deliciously crunchy contrast?


Have you created any food mashups of your own that you’d like to share with us? Do get in touch on our Twitter, we’d love to see some snaps of your creations.

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