Five floral flavours you need to try now

23 May, 2016

It’s always fun to bring something new to the table when the summer months arrive. And what could be more tempting for your customers than seasonal floral flavours?

From rose to lavender, elderflower and more, tastes straight from the garden have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, there’s no need to rely on just one flavour. Many of the latest recipes combine floral essences with a zing of citrus, a crackling nut or a sweet spice, to create truly exciting flavour combinations.

We’ve found five of the best below. And trust us, you need to try them ASAP.

Lavender and lemon loaf cake 

Lavender, lemon cake with fresh lemons and lavender flowers

There’s no risk of a soapy taste with this surprisingly simple recipe. Buy your flour, sugar, butter and yoghurt in bulk, then add lemon zest and a juicy topping to beautifully cut through the musky lavender. Best served with a pot of earl grey.

Rose water cupcakes

Rose cupcake

Possibly featuring the most delicately flavoured buttercream icing ever, this recipe is a real winner at afternoon tea. Rumour has it that rose water is a wonderful mood-enhancer, so it’s the perfect choice for a pick-me-up. Just add the rose water at every step, and top with a petal for a charming finishing touch.

Lime, mango and elderflower cakes

mini bundt cakes with glaze

This flavour combination is enough to get any mouth watering – and that’s before you see the finished article. With the light, fresh flavour of elderflower cordial and the fruity additions of lime and mango, this is a bright summer staple you’ll want to bring back every year.

Lilac blossom almond scones

Lilac scones

Pretty and perfectly flavoured, this recipe requires a bit of extra elbow grease for a truly magical result. Once again, it’s a fairly traditional recipe with a fantastic floral twist. And for great ideas on what jams, creams and drinks to serve it with, just check out the comments section on the blog.

Dandelion baklava

Dandelion baklava

This one’s a little throwback to our Eurovision blog, but with a dollop of dandelion. You’ll need to use filo leaves to get the texture just right, but it’s well worth the trouble. The crunchy nuts and warm spices mix perfectly with the dainty dandelion flavours. A real must-bake.

So, with delicious dandelions, wonderful roses, lilac blossom, elderflower and lavender to choose from, which recipe will you trial first? Whatever you choose, it’s bound to add a summery perfume to your cake selection, and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Or if you’d prefer something more fruity than floral, take a look last year’s ‘Baking with fruit this summer’ blog.

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