Doughnuts with a difference for National Doughnut Week 2014

13 May, 2014

For seven days, from 10th – 17th May, bakers and cafés up and down the country will be celebrating National Doughnut Week, selling delicious doughnuts to raise money for The Children’s Trust.

With this, many talented chefs and caterers are putting their hand towards creating these decadent snacks. The challenge is on to go the extra mile to create doughnuts that really stand out from the crowd. To give bakers a helping hand, this week’s BAKO blog offers seven innovative ideas for boundary-breaking doughnuts.

Crunchy churros

Moving away from the classic ring shaped doughnuts is a clever way to get involved with National Doughnut Week without blending into the background. Restaurants and cafes could lend their doughnut week offering a touch of Latin flair by serving up cinnamon-sprinkled crunchy Mexican ‘churros’ with a pot of molten chocolate dipping sauce.




Turn the doughnut theme on its head by serving up the hole in the middle of the doughnut as a delicacy of its own. Try taking inspiration from the cake pop craze to create intricately-decorated doughnut hole lollies, dipped in a variety of different silky smooth icings and crunchy toppings or served alongside an indulgent chocolate fountain.


Cronut craze

Hybrid snacks are one of the biggest food trends of the last few years, and the cronut is perhaps the most popular example of them all, combining the light, airy layers of a croissant with the crisp shell and ring shape of a doughnut. 185911940

Cheesecake creations

Another clever way to combine your customers’ favourite desserts, cheesecake doughnuts replace the classic jam centre with a rich cream cheese icing filling. For the full cheesecake effect, top with a fruity glaze and sprinkle liberally with biscuit crumb.

Café culture

Think doughnuts would be out of place in the refined environment of a chic coffee shop? Think again. Replace the traditional biscotti at the side of each customer’s coffee cup with a few miniature doughnuts for a unique treat that’s perfect for dipping.

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Canada calling

For those who are really looking to cause a stir with their doughnuts, why not try daring flavour combinations that go beyond the usual sweet fillings. Take a leaf out of Canada’s book by drizzling your doughnuts in maple syrup and covering in salty candied bacon bits

Savoury style

Going a step further still, you could even try your hand at crafting savoury doughnuts, stuffing your doughnuts with oozing melted cheese, adding fresh herbs to your dough or mixing in chopped onions for an entirely new taste sensation.

Inspired to take the plunge? We’d love to see what you’re offering your customers for National Doughnut week; share your tempting treat photos with BAKO on Twitter.

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