Celebrating National Nutrition Month with 2016’s top trends

10 March, 2016

As we head into Spring, the team at BAKO NW wanted to take the time to celebrate National Nutrition Month by looking at some of the top healthy eating trends that are taking the food industry by storm.

There’s no one diet that is right for everyone and each one of your customers will have different tastes and dietary requirements, so it’s important to cater for all by adding lots of tasty foods to your menu.

With this in mind we wanted to share what trends we think will prove a hit on your menus this year:

Cauliflower rice

For many of your health conscious customers looking for low carb or carb free alternatives last year, courgetti was the key. However 2016 could be the year you pack away your spiralizer and go crazy for cauliflower instead. Working as a faux carbohydrate to add a filling substance to your menu’s dishes, try serving your curries or warm salads with different flavoured cauliflower rice. Add lime and chilli to your cauliflower rice for a zingy kick to your lunchtime menu. Or adding spices such as cumin and turmeric will make your cauliflower rice the perfect accompaniment to spicier dishes.



Hummus is a popular age-old dish served on many a menu, whether as a stand-alone dish or as an accompaniment, but it’s been reinvented this year with a sweet or savoury option. As many of you will have experienced, you’re often stuck with leftovers from lunchtime salads or vegetable dishes, so why not turn those surplus fruit and vegetables into punchy, crunchy dips?

Perfect for snacking, as a starter served with an array of bread or alongside a meal, these brightly coloured dips are sure to be a hit on your menu. Flavours such as kale and rosemary; carrot, ginger and turmeric; and even strawberry and avocado are rumoured to be proving popular.

various dip sauces

Bircher Muesli 

Being talked about as the ‘modern muesli’, Bircher muesli is extremely popular with health-conscious foodies known for providing a good source of protein and fibre. Proving a hit on the supermarket shelves, why not try creating your own for your breakfast menu or snack counter? Made from oats, yoghurt, linseed and a variety of fruits, it’s an easy and delicious answer to your customers mid-morning hunger pangs.

Try out flavours such as mango and coconut or apple and cinnamon in individual sized yoghurt pots.

Breakfast is Ready

Fruit crisps

No matter how careful you’re trying to be with watching what you’re eating, sometimes it’s just too hard to resist a handful of crisps. But fear not as fruit crisps are going to be the answer. We’ve all heard of root vegetable crisps, but how about trying to create your own packets of dried fruit crisps? With all the goodness of fruit with the crunch of crisp – your customers are sure to be impressed. Try experimenting with pineapple crisps, banana crisps and apple crisps this National Nutrition Month?

Healthy snack. Apple and pear dried chips

If you’ve got some great healthy alternatives on your menu or you have a free-from focus we’d love to hear all about it on our Twitter!

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