Celebrating National Ice Cream Month

30 July, 2014

The International Ice Cream Association encourages retailers and consumers to celebrate July as National Ice Cream Month. In 2014, National Ice Cream Day was celebrated on July 20th, however here in the UK we don’t need any excuse, serving ice cream 12 months of the year. In celebration of the month BAKO NW wanted to share some inspiration and give bakers and chefs a helping hand with six innovative ideas for introducing ice cream to your menu.

Brownie ice cream sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiched between two thick slices of gooey brownie, the ultimate way to introduce ice cream to your menu. Why not let the customer choose their favourite flavour ice cream and offer the addition of sauces and sprinkles of nuts, dried fruit or sugar strands to add the finishing touch.


Ice cream cake

Seeing as the cheesecake has become a firm favourite, why not swap the rich cream cheese centre for ice cream? Simply choose your desired flavour combinations, set on a buttery biscuit base and freeze. Served whole or as a slice with a drizzle of fruit coulis, sauce or sprig of mint, this is a simple alternative to a cheesecake.
















Baked Alaska cupcakes

Moving away from the traditional baked Alaska, the cupcake is an easy yet impressive dessert that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Prepare the cupcakes in advance and top with a scoop of ice cream and freeze. Pipe with meringue and serve customers their own individual baked Alaska straight from the oven. The combination of warm chewy meringue and creamy ice cream is sure to prove a hit.



















Cornish ice cream scones

Why not turn this quintessentially British tradition into a taste sensation, and replace the Cornish clotted cream filling with a scoop of Cornish ice cream instead? Served with jam, hot or cold this will bring a modern twist to a traditional bake.  


Inside-out strawberry ice cream cake

Turn the idea of cake on its head with this inside-out strawberry ice cream cake. Instead of covering and filling your sponge cake with velvety buttercream, why not coat it with a spreading of smooth ice cream? To give the ice cream the right consistency for spreading, soften it at room temperature; smooth the top, and freeze until firm before slicing generous portions for your customers.


Unusual flavours

For those who are really looking to whip up a storm with their ice cream, why not be inventive and experiment with some unusual flavours? American cook and baker David Lebovitz created candied bacon ice cream, using candied strips of bacon and brown sugar before blending with cinnamon, vanilla and a splash of dark rum. Another unusual creation came from Max & Mina’s Homemade Ice Cream in America, renowned for their unusual creations which include beer and smoked salmon and cream cheese ice cream; all enthused by a customer’s request.

Inspired to take the plunge? Our Commodities and Edible Decorations ranges include some fantastic ingredients to help you to create delicious ice cream. We’d love to see what ice cream treats you’re offering your customers. Share your ice cream creations with BAKO on Twitter.

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