Celebrating #homemadebreadday

17 November, 2014

Celebrating #homemadebreadday

Baking the perfect loaf can be a real labour of love that bakers will gladly spend hours over and nothing can ever really compare to the joy of serving up freshly baked homemade loaves straight from the oven.

Today marks National Homemade Bread Day, and to celebrate the art of bread making, appreciating the long hours that our local bakers spend tirelessly kneading and proving dough, BAKO have put together a list of exciting variations on some the classic loaves to impress your customers.

Filled Loaves

Filled loaves can transform a humble loaf of bread, into something special by adding a sweet or savoury filling. These loaves also create a real eye-catching centre piece on any table.

Why not try re-creating Richard Burr’s Pesto Pinwheel from this year’s Great British Bake off?

Cinnamon rolls are a classic example of filled bread, but have you tried adding a savoury spin on these sticky spiced delights? Try filling them with bacon, cheese and mushrooms for an exciting variation to tempt your customers.

Or if your customer have a sweeter tooth, what about the Chinese coconut bun? Otherwise known as a honey bun, made from soft dough and filled with a mixture of coconut, honey and butter and topped with a gentle sprinkling of desiccated coconut, these are sure to provide a sweet fix.

Why not make lunchtime more exciting by creating a twist on the traditional sandwich and try baking your fillings into the dough? Your customers are sure to find it hard to resist crispy bacon and oozing cheese fillings.


Advanced Dough

Advanced dough has the potential to really show off your bread skills to your customers. When fats are introduced they change the dough’s texture and retard the yeast making it a more challenging bread to master.

Made from enriched dough, Povitka is an Eastern European delicacy traditionally served at Christmas. Filled with a hidden design of cinnamon swirls and walnuts, we’re sure you’ll agree that it would make a delicious afternoon tea treat at any time of the year.


For those of you with less time on your hands why not try making a chocolaty Babka? With a similar but simplified design to Povitka, it is made from enriched dough, filled with chocolate and twisted into a loaf. The end result is rich buttery bread that will melt in the mouth.

A classic enriched bread and a tricky one to perfect is the much loved brioche. Delicious on its own it makes for a sweet breakfast treat but why not try using brioche as alternative to the traditional burger bun? Making for an exciting contrast of juicy, meaty flavours against sweet buttery bun, your customers are sure to keep coming back for more.

bread 3

Sweet Bread

More cakelike in consistency, sweet loaves are delicious served with afternoon tea or as a satisfying dessert. Why not try replacing your traditional loaf for a sweet loaf in a bread and butter pudding? Covered in lashings of crème anglaise, this is definitely one for the sweeter tooth.

As Christmas draws closer, sweet loaves are sure to be a sell-out. European Christmas favourites such as Italian panettone or German stollen are always extremely popular around the festive period. Studded with candied fruits and citrus flavours panettone has been a firm favourite amongst many for years. How about adding vanilla and chocolate chips as an alternative?

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Shaped Breads

Bread can often be moulded and twisted into various shapes and designs that are visually appealing. Plaited loaves are an easy way of shaping bread and once you’ve mastered the technique it’s well worth it to show off the delicious chewy crust to your customers.

Serving a plaited loaf in many different shapes is an ideal way to cater for a group as it can be easily torn into small servings and enjoyed dunked into a variety of dips. Offering a tear and share bread alongside a variety of flavoured fondues would be a great way to get everyone involved this winter.

bread 5Another popular shaped bread are pretzels. Twisted into knots and glazed to give them their dark golden colour and unique appearance they’re often enjoyed warm and fresh out of the oven. Most commonly coated in a salted glaze, how about offering a variety of toppings such as chopped nuts or candied fruit so that the customer can make their own choice.

BAKO’s Bread

While bread, in its simplest, form is not too tricky to make, baking bread can be a laborious task. BAKO stock a range of convenient mixes for anyone who doesn’t have the time to spare to bake from scratch.  BAKELS Artisan Bread Mix, with added sour dough to which water and yeast only are added creates top quality crusty, artisanal style breads, baguettes and ciabattas. BAKO also stock a range of ready-made frozen breads, from ciabattas to panini’s and baguettes, which are quick and convenient carriers for delicious sandwich fillings. How about creating a meatball baguette to go on your menu?

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We’d love to hear what you have been baking to celebrate the day? Do let us know on Twitter.

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