Celebrate the most important meal of the day!

25 January, 2016

Next week marks the annual celebration of Breakfast Week with the key aim to ‘Shake Up Your Wake Up’ and champion the importance of breakfast.

From the 24th – 30th January the campaign will be highlighting the benefits that breakfast can have on your customers lifestyles, making them happier and healthier.

The team at BAKO NW are firm believers that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that there are a wide variety of breakfast foods your customers can choose from that can be enjoyed at home, at work or on-the-go.


As many of you will have witnessed, many of your customers don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast and they’re often seen grabbing something as they dash to work. Try offering your busy commuting customers an easy breakfast option which means they still have the energy and nutrients needed for their busy lifestyles.

Sweet and savoury muffins

Muffins, sweet or savoury, have always been a popular choice for a grab-and-go breakfast. Try adding some oats to your traditional blueberry muffins this week to fill your customers up for longer, keeping those hunger pangs at bay all the way through till lunchtime.


Or try adding a savoury muffin choice to your menu? Mini egg muffins have become increasingly popular over recent years, especially with the health conscious customer looking for something tasty and substantial to start off their day. Roasted vegetables, cheese and meats such as bacon or chorizo are sure to prove popular choices on your menu.



Sausage frittata

This tasty take on breakfast will be sure to go down well with the whole family. Enjoyed leisurely with a serving of hot beans, or chilled and on-the-go, a hearty slice of sausage frittata is sure to set your customers up for the day ahead.

Why not add in other breakfast ingredients such as mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon to give your customers an all-day breakfast on the go!

fried egg stuff with hot pan

Breakfast bars

As we discussed in our 2016 food predictions blog, baking with raw ingredients has become increasingly popular over the past year and is a trend that is going to be huge in 2016.

Try baking your own cereal bars using raw ingredients for a healthier alternative to the known sugary kind. The concept is simple, ditch the refined and modified ingredients and replace them with wholesome ones in their original state.

Combine dried fruit, nuts and seeds to create an energy fuelled breakfast bar that your customers can easily enjoy on the go or at their desk when they arrive at work. They’re also a great source of fibre and iron.



For those of your customers that enjoy a breakfast classic don’t forget to serve up some hot bacon and sausage rolls , breakfast bagels and generous slices of thick fresh buttered toast with an accompaniment of sweet jam.

iStock_000015269289_SmallBreakfast Series - Bagels, coffee and juice

If you’re championing the most important meal of the day on your menu, let us know and get involved using #BreakfastWeek .


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