Britain’s perfect pizza

22 February, 2013

Pizza has become a real staple for Britain’s chefs and bakers, thanks to its almost universal appeal, versatility and simple preparation methods.

While the number of different topping combinations to experiment with is practically unlimited, bakers will undoubtedly be keen to know which flavours are going to appeal most to their consumers. To help you out, we’ve therefore dedicated this blog to revealing Britain’s most ordered pizza choices.



It may not be the most inventive choice, but a Margherita is a fail-safe option for any menu, and is actually the preferred order choice for around a third of all hungry customers. To create this winning combination of gooey mozzarella cheese and rich tomato sauce, BAKO Own Label have just launched a delicious new pizza sauce, flavoured with garlic and herbs for a convenient yet delicious addition to pizzas, pasta and relishes.

For those that fancy offering their customers something beyond the basic Margherita, BAKO also stocks a wide array of other fresh and frozen pizza ingredients for chefs to craft Britain’s other popular pizza options.

Meat Feast

Britain is clearly a fairly carnivorous nation, as almost one in every four consumers prefers to load their doughy pizza base with an array of meats; typically pepperoni, ham and ground beef.


The simple addition of sizzling slices of spicy Italian sausage is enough to perfect the pizza recipe for around a sixth of individuals, putting the pepperoni pizza in third place.


An eighth of consumers, on the other hand, opt for a healthier finishing touch on their crisped pizza base, choosing the vegetarian option on the menu. Common ingredients include mushrooms, peppers, onions and olives.


Italians may scoff at this non-traditional mix of juicy pineapple chunks and salty ham, but the UK seems to love it, with one in eight people listing it as their top order.

Bakers and chefs of the North West, are there any unusual topping combinations that have also proven successful with your customers? We’d love to hear about your tasty menu options.

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