Baking with fruit this Summer

12 June, 2015

With Summer in full swing, we’re sure many of you have been adjusting your menus to compliment the delicious fresh fruit flavours of the season. One baking trend that’s always a hit when the warmer months roll around is baking with fruit. Bakers can take full advantage of the range of fruit on the shelves and customers are bound to enjoy a refreshing alternative to the indulgent flavours enjoyed in Winter.

As one of the leading suppliers to the baking industry, BAKO North Western understands that it takes quality ingredients to create the most delicious fruit filled desserts. So, we’ve put together some tempting ways for you to include fruit in your bakes this Summer.

Lemon meringue pie

This retro classic is sure to instil some nostalgia in your customers as the tangy flavours of lemon and contrasting sweet flavours of meringue unite within buttery pie crust. Perfect for those of you with less time on your hands, BAKO stock a variety of lemon fillings, to help you create perfect lemon meringue pies with ease.


Rhubarb muffins

BAKO North Western appreciates that fresh fruit tastes its best when in season, so our fresh fruit fillings are always at their most delicious. James Finlays Rhubarb makes the perfect base for a variety of tasty cakes and bakes. So why not create some tempting cinnamon and rhubarb muffins? Simply add rhubarb filling to BAKO Own Label Plain Crème Cake Mix with plenty of ground cinnamon for flavoursome muffins every time.


Jam tarts

If you’re looking for a fool proof way to incorporate fruit into your baking, jam could be the way to do so. How about creating a selection of different flavoured jam tarts? From apricot and lemon, all the way to raspberry seeded and seedless! There’s a flavour to suit every customer’s taste buds. Offering jam tarts as a tasty take-away treat will make the perfect addition to your customer’s picnics.


Pineapple upside down cake

Not only is pineapple upside down cake bursting with fruity flavours, its bright colours also make it a fun and attractive addition to your cake counter. BAKO stock all the ingredients for mouth-watering pineapple upside down cakes, from tropical pineapple to vibrant cherries.


Raspberry tarts

Raspberry tarts could add a touch of French sophistication to your menus this summer. Whether filled with simple whipped cream or crème patisserie, a fruity red topping of John Morleys Raspberry Filling and fresh raspberries will be hard to resist. How about serving raspberry tarts as part of your afternoon tea? Dainty bite sized portions are ideal for those not looking to over indulge.


BAKO stock a variety of dried and canned fruits, as well as a range of delicious pie fillings so you can incorporate plenty of fruit in your baking this summer.

What are the most popular fruit filled bakes on your menu? We’d love to hear all about them on our Twitter, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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