Back to school: 6 handy packed lunch product ideas!

25 August, 2016

With the school season almost upon us, it’s time to think about your customers’ packed lunches. The truth is, there are convenient and easy-to-prepare foods that you can include, which are deliciously flavoursome, handy to transport and that offer a tasty alternative to sandwiches and wraps. In need of some inspiration? Don’t worry; we’ve found six handy packed-lunch foods that we think your customers will love, offering a fresh, appetising lunchtime treat?

1. Fresh pork pies



A popular snacking favourite, the pork pie is a handy, filling cold meat pie. This traditional food is a fantastic packed lunch option as it’s tasty, small and travels exceptionally well. The pie’s thick layer of delightful pastry, its soft but firm meat centre and layer of jelly make it a pleasant and enjoyable dinnertime treat. For something a little different, we also have other mouth-watering pie varieties.

2. Double chocolate muffins



Every packed lunch needs something sweet, which is why we’ve featured mouthwatering double chocolate muffins. A handy size, with each coming individually wrapped; these heavenly treats, bursting with chocolatey goodness, are a simple addition to any packed lunch and a great afternoon pick-me-up that we think your customers will love!

3. Crispy cheese twists



Ever thought about introducing something a little more cosmopolitan? For a slightly more sophisticated alternative to sandwiches or wraps, why not offer your customers deliciously crispy cheese twists? Made with tangy cheese and buttered pastry, these provide a light, filling and flavoursome lunchtime option. Tasting just as great chilled as they do warm, this piece of pastry perfection is a must-include food.

4. Aromatic vegetable samosas



A popular Indian-inspired lunchtime treat, the vegetable samosa is a fantastic addition to any packed lunch, offering spice-infused flavours, a crispy exterior and an ingredient-filled centre of finely chopped vegetables. With the ability to be served cold without losing much of their flavours, samosas are a handy, delicious snack to pack in your customers’ lunch. After Asian-inspired packed lunch selections? Why not try spring rolls?

5. Deliciously soft flapjacks



A healthy sweet treat, these tasty flapjacks, made from oats and filled with cranberries, sultanas and crunchy sunflower seeds, are a nutritious substitute for a chocolate bar. Their size, shape and consistency makes flapjacks a convenient packed lunch alternative. Why not offer chocolate flapjacks that are baked with delicious Belgian chocolate for a more indulgent option?

6. Bacon and cheese turnovers



The ultimate naughty but nice lunch option, you could add these deliciously appetising BAKO bacon and cheese turnovers into your customers’ packed lunch. A butter-enriched pastry, filled with smoked bacon and topped with delightful cheese, these are a hearty, indulgent packed lunch option. Simply defrost for a satisfying dinnertime delight that your customers are bound to enjoy.

Have you swapped sandwiches for something a little smarter? We want to know! Share your dinnertime delights and handy packed lunch treats with us via Twitter.


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