Aged to perfection: BAKO North Western looks back over 50 years in business

16 December, 2013

It’s hard to believe time has passed so quickly, but 2014 marks 50 years of BAKO North Western providing the region’s prized local bakers with the ingredients they need to whip up culinary masterpieces.

To mark the event, BAKO have a whole year of events lined up to say thank you to our loyal customers, with baking competitions, prize giveaways and even a family fun day. Before we really get stuck in to our Birthday celebrations though, we wanted to offer everyone who’s helped us get to where we are today a glimpse into the story behind BAKO.

The BAKO family was born from humble origins, when several independent bakers were grumbling over an evening pint on the difficulties of having to collect each core cake ingredient from a different supplier in vast quantities. It would make much more sense for these bakers to band together to buy ingredients, and so they did.


The idea proved so popular that the group soon began to outgrow the little bit of storage space they owned, and the BAKO co-operative started to grow from strength to strength. It was a proud moment when BAKO moved into our first, albeit tiny, warehouse on New Hall Lane in Preston, but it didn’t last long. Before we knew it, the warehouse was once again bursting at the seams as other local bakers caught on to BAKO’s communal spirit, and the team decided to move to a new location on Ribbleton Lane.


We went on to create a lot of memories in that lovely old converted mill before making the final step up to Roman Way in 1982, which the BAKO team still calls home today. Our family tree has grown to 150 friendly faces, and we’ve added everyone from cafes to colleges to our client list, but we still love hearing from all the small independent bakers that started us off on our journey.

That’s why we want you to play a big part in celebrating our anniversary year, by sharing your memories of working with BAKO over the years and letting us know how things have changed for you and your business.

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