7 wicked baking ideas you need to try this Halloween

25 October, 2016

With Halloween creeping up on us once again, we’ve been on the lookout for some seriously spooky recipes to whip up this October. Whether you’re looking to have a little fun with bewitching designs or want to go all out with rich, delicious flavours, this Halloween, your customers are certainly going to be in for a treat! (Or should that be trick?) To spark your imagination, here are seven wicked baking ideas to celebrate the spookiest night of the year.

1. Wicked witch cupcakes


Cupcake with witch's legs

Combining vibrant green frosting with fun, ready-to-roll icing, these fantastic cupcakes are perfect for younger customers! Wonderfully simple, yet terribly effective, why not enhance the effect by flavouring your icing with lime or apple? After you’ve moulded your witch’s legs, finish off your cupcake with black, purple or orange sprinkles.

2. Spider’s web layer cake

Spider web cake

Looking to wow your customers this Halloween? This spider web layer cake may require a lot of patience, but we think the result is definitely worth it! Cover your layer cake in black and orange frosting to create a striped effect, blending the two colours together where they meet. Chill the cake, then use white royal icing to create the spider web pattern. And voilà! One spooktacular Halloween layer cake that’s sure to impress.

3. Perfect pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie

Let’s face it, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a slice of delicious pumpkin pie. Spice your mixture with cinnamon, nutmeg, ground ginger and cloves for a wonderful concoction of autumnal flavours, and serve with lashings of whipped cream for the perfect Halloween treat.

4. Ghastly ghost chocolate bark

Ghost chocolate bark

One for all chocolate lovers, this ghostly chocolate bark comprises of three layers of dark and white chocolate topped with a haunting design. Set your first two chocolate layers, then while the top dark chocolate layer is still warm, pipe blobs of white chocolate onto the dark chocolate and use a toothpick to drag the chocolate to form this ghostly effect. Think chocolate bark is a bit too simple? Why not apply the same design to millionaires’ shortbread for a more luxurious Halloween treat?

5. Spooky spiced pumpkin cupcakes

Witch’s hat cupcakes

Want to take your spiced pumpkin cupcakes to the next level? This brilliant Halloween-inspired design uses an aromatic pumpkin cupcake base, which is then topped with orange frosting and a carefully crafted ready-to-roll icing witch’s hat. Sure to turn a few heads, these cupcakes certainly won’t be around for long!

6. Chilling meringue bone tiered cake

Meringue bones layer cake

Looking for a more elegant Halloween design? This clever skeletal tiered cake uses meringue piped into bone shapes to create a grisly effect. If you think three tiers screams more wedding than Halloween, why not use your meringue bones to decorate a white chocolate layer cake? For added gruesomeness, whip up a red berry coulis to drizzle down your bones.

7. Eerie salted caramel apple snickers cake

Salted caramel snickers cake

If, for you, Halloween is all about toffee apples and an abundance of delicious, oozing caramel, this cake is one you need to try this October. Because, sometimes, more really is more, this cake is flavoured with spiced apple and chocolate, smothered in a peanut butter and salted caramel snickers frosting, covered in a chocolate coating, and then finally doused in a rich salted caramel sauce. Tempted? Finish this showstopper off with three salted caramel coated apples and a few sinister branches for an epic Halloween extravaganza.

What are you planning on baking for Halloween? Share your spooky bakes with us via Twitter!

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