6 of the best cupcakes to make during National Cupcake Week

22 September, 2016

At BAKO, one of our favourite weeks is here – National Cupcake Week! Running from 19th – 25th September, this event is an amazing seven days of scrumptious, icing-smothered, spongey goodness, all to celebrate the wonderfully delicious cupcake. In true spirit of this baking bonanza, we’ve found some of the best cupcakes you can make that are guaranteed to wow your customers.

1. Coffee and donut cupcakes

There’s not much quite like piling desserts on desserts, is there? This is why we love this doughnut-covered cupcake that oozes indulgence. Mini chocolate ring doughnuts, covered in sprinkles, on top of a mouth-watering bed of sophisticated cappuccino frosting – what’s not to like? Mix it up with different doughnut and frosting flavours for a divine, rich treat!

Coffee and Donut Cupcakes

2. Pancake cupcakes

Who knew it was acceptable and oh-so good to cover a cupcake in mini pancakes and, of course, laden with lots of maple syrup? Your customers can tuck into these as a mouth-watering late morning pick-me-up that’s pushing the boundaries yet tastes so delicious!

Pancake Cupcakes

3. Nutella lava cookies

Guaranteed, if your customers want an indulgent, heavenly treat, then these exploding Nutella cupcakes are perfect! Topped with frosting that tastes just like the chocolatey-hazelnut spread, and bursting with gooey chocolate in every bite, these cupcakes are finished with amazing Ferrero Rocher chocolates, which you can choose to include or swap for another confectionery. Yum!

Nutella lava cupcakes

4. Galaxy cupcakes

Despite being a traditional cupcake in sponge and icing, these world-changing galaxy cupcakes look astounding, with three-tone frosting. In fact, you can experiment with a variety of space colours and finish with sparkly glitter, cake dust or make your own themed topper!

Galaxy cupcakes

5. Candy-floss cupcakes

Fairground-themed cupcakes really will catch your customers’ eyes, with their bold rainbow frosting and cotton candy decoration! A popular cupcake with children, these bakes almost look too good to eat. Buy pre-made candy-floss, a few lollipop sticks and you’re almost there! Want to make your candy-floss cakes more striking? Experiment with food colouring for bolder shades.

Candy floss cupcakes

6. Cupcake ice-cream cones

For a show-stopping cupcake, we really love these ice cream inspired cupcake cones that are truly unique. Beneath the crunchy exterior of an ice-cream cone, we have a soft chocolate sponge which is topped with buttercream, smothered in hot fudge sundae syrup and finished with sprinkles and maraschino cherries. Yes, this creates an astounding cupcake!

Cupcake ice cream cones

What are you whipping up for National Cupcake Week? Don’t forget to send us images of your amazing cupcakes via Twitter!

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