5 must try delicious salted caramel recipes

19 October, 2016

Gooey, indulgent and oh-so sweet, salted caramel is a syrupy sauce that can turn the most simplistic of desserts into a rich, heavenly treat. Often drizzled over cake, salted caramel is really simple to make and offers a great alternative to frosting. Surprisingly, all you need to create this gooey toffee delight is granulated sugar, salted butter, heavy cream and salt; simple ingredients that produce an immense treat!

Alongside generously pouring this sauce over a rich dessert, you can create a delightful caramel paradise by using it as an ingredient and a flavour. Initially created as confectionery in France, salted caramel has since found itself in all types of desserts, from hearty brownies to light cheesecake. Its unique taste and heavenly thick texture has made it a firm favourite around the world, featuring in a selection of recipes. To show you the true breadth of salted caramel, we’ve found five different recipes that offer you something that little bit different from the sticky treat.

1. No bake salted caramel popcorn

Salted caramel popcorn

Salted caramel popcorn is as delicious as it sounds! Complementing both sweet and salted popcorn, adding caramel offers a fierce kick of toffee in a crunchy topping, combined with the exquisite, soft popcorn centre. To make no bake salted caramel popcorn, simply cover your popcorn with hot, homemade toffee sauce, place in clusters and allow to dry. It’s so simple and doesn’t make use of the oven! Why not serve to your customers as a light, takeaway snack?

2. Salted caramel doughnut holes

Doughnut holes

Little bites of indulgence, doughnut holes are miniature pieces of dough-heaven bursting with a soft, flavoursome centre. We’re loving these delightful doughnut balls glazed with yes, you’ve guessed it – salted caramel! Don’t they look amazing? Try serving with a side of ice cream as a must-try dessert. Why not experiment with a toffee apple centre as a great Bonfire Night themed offering?

3. Chocolate buttermilk pancakes with salted caramel

Salted caramel pancakes

Sometimes, your customers crave a decadent, oh-so naughty breakfast, no? These pancakes, made with scrumptious chocolate buttercream are exactly that. Although, we admit, they would taste great on their own, they’ll be even more scrumptious laden with sticky salted caramel sauce! Why not mix and match with plain pancakes and other flavours, so your customers can choose how light or rich they want it?

4. Salted caramel and praline macarons

Salted caramel macarons

Ethereal, tasty and attractively bite-size, macarons have secured their reputation as one of the tastiest treats to come out of France, alongside the world-famous éclair. Made from meringue, with a hard exterior and soft centre filled with flavour, these French fancies are a sophisticated sweet, and classed as the next ‘big’ food craze. Salted caramel and praline macarons contrastingly combine the sticky, messy sauce with chic meringue and subtle home-made praline, creating a delightfully tasty, unique macaron. Why not give this recipe a whirl?

5. Salted caramel pretzel snaps

Salted caramel pretzel snaps

A popular snack in Germany, pretzels’ flavouring makes them extremely versatile and a great food to experiment with. Made simply from dough and twisted into their legendary shape, mini pretzels create little bites of crunchy, tasty food. Instead of opting for the simple salty mini pretzels, why not create these chocolate and salted caramel pretzel snaps? With a soft base of chocolate and a kick of salted caramel candy, these little bites make a great, mouth-watering takeaway treat.

Perhaps you’re inspired to try one of the recipes above or tackle your own salted caramel creation? If so, don’t forget to share your images with us via Twitter!

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