5 imaginative doughnut designs we love

11 May, 2017

With National Doughnut Week in full swing, we’d thought we’d offer up a little extra inspiration for all the bakers getting involved! From the classic glazed ring to the jam-filled ball, these deep-fried dough treats are incredibly popular here in the UK, with numerous exciting varieties to choose from.

However, although we’ll always have a soft spot for the classics, doughnuts have come a long way over the past few years. So bakers, are you up for a challenge? For those of you who really want to stand out during Doughnut Week, we’ve picked out five imaginative doughnut designs that’ll really put your baking skills to the test!

1. Chocolate-glazed black cat doughnuts

Chocolate glazed black cat doughnuts

The classic ring transformed by a thick coating of dark chocolate ganache – these black cat doughnuts are sure to grab your customers’ attention! After frying your doughnuts, make your chocolate glaze using double cream, dark chocolate, icing sugar and black gel food colouring. To add the ears, push two whole almonds into the top of your doughnut, then coat the whole thing in the rich dark chocolate glaze. Finish your design using white and black icing to complete the effect!

2. Melted ice cream doughnuts

Melted ice cream doughnuts

Perfect for summer weather, these melted ice-cream doughnuts are sure to go down a treat this May! Coat one half of a ring doughnut in white icing, then pipe more icing around the edge to create the drip effect. Next, dunk a doughnut hole (a miniature doughnut ball) entirely in the white icing and place on one side of the doughnut, using a little extra frosting to cover the joints. Add the ice-cream cone on top of the doughnut hole, then cover with sprinkles, add a Glacé Cherry, and voilà! One delicious melted ice-cream doughnut ready to serve.

3. Unicorn doughnuts

Unicorn doughnuts

If you’re looking to stay on trend this Doughnut Week, then unicorn doughnuts are a must. Perfect for bakers with an artistic flair, these magical sweet treats are guaranteed to charm your customers!

Coat one half of a ring doughnut in thick white icing, and set aside to dry. Then, roll out white fondant icing, cut out two leaf shapes and mould them into curved ears. Next, roll out two 5cm pieces of white fondant before twisting them together around a cocktail stick to form the unicorn horn. Attach the ears using white frosting and insert the cocktail stick between them. Pipe spirals of pink, blue and lilac frosting beneath the horn, then use edible gold paint to add the inner ear detailing and decorate the horn. Finally paint on the black lashes for one marvellously mythical doughnut!

4. Marbled doughnuts

Marbled doughnuts

If you’re going for the ‘wow’ factor, these incredible marbled doughnuts are an explosion of colour. Simple, yet incredibly effective, create a runny white icing using icing sugar, milk and vanilla extract before adding at least two of your favourite shades of food colouring. Add the food colouring in small splotches using a toothpick, then simply pour the icing over the doughnuts to create the marbled icing effect. Finish with a scattering of sprinkles, if desired!

5. Fruity doughnuts

Fruity doughnuts

Want to really impress this week? Try whipping up a whole fruit basket of doughnuts! When it comes to fruit-inspired designs, we think the more tropical, the better. From yellow pineapples and vibrant watermelons to strawberries and tangy kiwis, why not match the flavour of your doughnuts to their designs as well? Swap your rings for filled doughnuts to add a sweet and fruity centre to complement the glaze.

Are you getting involved with National Doughnut Week this year? Let us know what you’ve been making via Twitter!

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