5 fun afternoon tea ideas for Mother’s Day

22 March, 2017

Afternoon tea selections are a brilliant opportunity to try out a few new recipes, from tempting savoury snacks to delicious sweet treats. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we thought there was no better time to add a few spring-inspired treats to your menu, using some of our favourite floral flavours, as well as bolder, nuttier tastes, to reinvent your selection. So, to provide you with a little afternoon tea inspiration, we’ve picked out five brilliant miniatures to experiment with this spring.

1. Dill Crêpes with Smoked Salmon

Dill Crepes with Smoked Salmon

Who says your savoury layer has to be exclusively sandwiches? Mix things up by adding these dainty dill-infused crêpes intertwined with smoked salmon. Simply add a good helping of dill to your usual crêpe mixture, then spread with a lemon mayonnaise and add the smoked salmon on top. Roll the crêpe into a spiral and finally secure with a cocktail stick.

2. Lavender Scones

Lavender scones

No afternoon tea selection is complete without an array of delicious scones. But why stick to just the classic fruit or plain combinations? This year, take your customers’ taste buds up a notch by adding a hint of lavender into the mix! Pair these fragrant scones with either strawberry or blueberry jam, or if you’re feeling adventurous, serve with good quality honey.

3. Rose Macarons

Rose macarons

Always an exciting afternoon tea addition, macarons are a great way to add colour and flavour to your sweet layer. In true spring fashion, we’ve opted for a floral-inspired treat! Flavour your macarons with rosewater to match the delicate rose design, or whip up a more intense flavour sensation by infusing with tangy rhubarb. The choice is yours!

4. Mini Pistachio Cakes

Mini pistachio cakes

Bursting with flavour, these mini pistachio cakes are perfect for spring. A soft and delicate vanilla sponge combined with crunchy pistachios, these light, nutty cakes are a great afternoon tea option. Top by piping cream cheese frosting using a small round nozzle, and sprinkle with crushed pistachios to complete the effect.

5. Mother’s Day Daisy Cupcakes

Mother’s Day cupcake

Finally, why not finish with an ode to Mother’s Day itself? Such a simple, yet effective design, this daisy cupcake is a brilliant way to round off your tea. Flavour your cupcake with lemon zest and top with a citrusy lemon frosting. For the decoration, use ready-to-roll white icing, cut out discs using a circular cutter and delicately write your message in edible ink. For the finishing touch, mould a daisy out of white and yellow fondant and attach to your Mother’s Day message.

What brilliant afternoon tea ideas have you spotted? Let us know via Twitter!

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