5 clever cake decorating techniques that will wow your customers

27 July, 2016

As a professional cake decorator, keeping up with the latest trends and techniques in cake design is essential. Often tasked with creating spectacular bespoke cakes, whether it be for a traditional wedding, milestone birthday or simply to celebrate a special occasion, mastering a range of cutting-edge cake decorating techniques will keep your cakes a notch above the rest.

If your recent searches for fresh cake inspiration have left you feeling rather underwhelmed, check out these five clever cake decorating techniques that promise to wow your customers.


1. Hand painting

Taking cake art to the next level, hand painting cakes is a great way of creating unique designs for your customers. Usually created by mixing edible colour tints with alcohol to make a paste, you’ll also need good quality paint brushes to pull off this professional technique. Once you’ve decided on your design, (florals are often a popular choice!) delicately apply the paint to your fondant icing base. Although this technique can take a little time to master, the final effect is definitely worth it!


2. Fondant ruffles

A fantastic way to add texture to a cake, fondant ruffles are a particularly versatile cake decorating effect. Use all-white ruffles to add elegance to a sophisticated wedding cake or try using the ombré style to add a pop of colour! To recreate the ruffled look, roll out strips of fondant icing, then use a ball tool to press along one edge. Layer your icing strips from the top down until you’ve covered an entire layer of your fabulous cake.


3. Sculpting

Perfect for novelty cakes and themed occasions, cake sculpting creates life-like cakes that could fool even the keenest of eyes. These types of cakes take a lot of planning and preparation, not to mention ensuring your cake is going to be structurally sound once carved. Dense cakes are much easier to work with than crumblier alternatives and chilling your cake before you get to work will make the process far easier. Once chilled, start crafting your cake to its desired shape then cover in icing or buttercream to bring your cake to life!


4. Geode cakes

A cake trend taking the baking world by storm, these wondrous geode cakes certainly make a spectacular centrepiece.  So, how can you recreate this incredible edible amethyst? Cut away one side of the sponge to enhance the 3D illusion, cover in white frosting, then use a mixture of granulated sugar, rock candy and multi-coloured modelling chocolate to create the mesmerising geode.


5. Stained glass

If you’re really looking to make a statement with your cake, the stained glass effect definitely does the trick. Choose a relatively simple shape as an outline – flowers or geometric shapes are popular choices – and draw your design onto fondant icing with an edible ink pen. Use edible dusts and gels dissolved in confectioner’s glaze to paint on your design, then finally use black royal icing to pipe over the lines and create the beautiful stained glass design.

What cake decorating techniques are you planning to try next? Share your snaps with us via Twitter!

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