5 brilliant Olympics-inspired bakes to serve this August

5 August, 2016

With the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games nearly upon us, many of us will be looking to get into the spirit of the occasion and inject a little fun into our baking. This year, the Games are being held in the thriving metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, promising spectacular carnival celebrations, scorching sunshine and a whole host of nail-biting sporting action.

To spark a few ideas as to how you can get involved with your baking, we’ve found 5 brilliant Olympics-inspired bakes to serve this August.

1. Medal biscuits


Medal biscuits

A simple yet effective way of getting into the spirit of the occasion, medal biscuits are great for both adults and children alike. Using a vanilla biscuit base, cover circular biscuits in fondant icing decorated in your chosen style. Opt for simple shapes such as stars or numbers, or go all out with realistic gold, silver and bronze colour schemes. Finish with ribbons knotted through the top for the complete effect.

2. Olympic torch cones


Olympic torch cones

A great way to add a little Olympic flare to your confectionary selection, bake vanilla, chocolate or coffee cake mix inside miniature cones, then decorate with vibrant flame frosting. Why not pair chocolate cake with orange buttercream for a classic flavour combination, or use the Olympic torch cones to decorate an epic Olympic-inspired layer cake.

3. Patriotic vanilla fudge


Patriotic Fudge

This sweet treat is a subtler homage to the Olympics, combining our national colours of red, white and blue in support of Team GB. Marble the red and blue fudge on top of the white fudge base to create fantastic swirling patterns, then refrigerate for at least four hours to set.

Not supporting Team GB? Use the colours of your own nation to get behind your Olympians!

4. Brazilian cheese bread


Brazilian Cheese Bread

With the Olympics being held in Rio de Janeiro, we couldn’t not feature this delicious Brazilian cheese bread, otherwise known as pão de queijo. These soft, fluffy cheese puffs are made from combining tapioca flour with cheese, egg, oil, milk and salt, then baking in mini muffin tins. This cheese bread is also gluten free, making it a great snack for customers with allergies and sensitivities.

5. Olympic swimming pool cake


Swimming Pool Cake

Finally, if you’re looking for a showstopping cake to impress your customers, this Olympic swimming pool cake is sure to do the trick. Complete with fondant chequered pool tiles, bunting and a realistic, shimmering pool, this cake would make a brilliant birthday cake this month.

Want to take it one step further? Why not go for gold and recreate the Olympic stadium’s athletics track for a medal-worthy cake?

What Olympics-inspired bakes will you be whipping up this August? Show us your creations via Twitter

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