5 ace cakes to serve during Wimbledon

23 June, 2016

As Wimbledon fever creeps up on us yet again, all we can think about is what cakes we’re going to be serving over the next two weeks! With the iconic tennis tournament being synonymous with flavours such as Pimm’s, champagne and, of course, strawberries and cream, there are plenty of cakes out there that are sure to get your customers in the Wimbledon spirit!

To provide you with a little Wimbledon baking inspiration, here are five of our favourite Wimbledon recipes that you need to try this week.


1. Strawberry Fraisier cake

If when you think of Wimbledon, you think of strawberries and cream, then the decadent Fraisier cake is the ultimate ode to the famous tennis tournament. Two thin layers of whisked egg sponge sandwich a blanket of fresh strawberries, covered with luxurious crème mousseline. The top is then finished with a thin layer of marzipan and topped with more fresh strawberries. Beautiful, delicious and the perfect accompaniment to Wimbledon, this refined take on the traditional strawberries and cream is sure to score you points with your tennis-loving customers!


2. Sticky Pimm’s cake

A quintessentially British flavour combination, the Pimm’s cake is a brilliant way to add a more adult sweet option to your menu. For a moist, dense cake, use a classic Bundt recipe with a zesty lemon base mixed with a kick of Pimm’s. Finish by drizzling with a Pimm’s syrup to soak through the sponge and top with strawberries, cucumber and mint. Best served? With a glass of Pimm’s, of course.


3. Tennis ball cake pops

Looking for a fun way to add a little Wimbledon-flare to your menu? These tennis ball cake pops would not only make a fantastic novelty addition to your cake counter, but can also be enjoyed by all ages. Use a normal chocolate cake mix for the base of your cake pops, then, if you’re not using a cake pop mould, break up the cake and mix with frosting so you can roll the cake into small round balls. To decorate, use green and white colour melts to create the tennis ball effect, then sprinkle with green edible glitter for an extra sparkle!


4. Strawberry cake with coconut whipped cream

A wonderfully seasonal cake, this bake incorporates some of our favourite summer flavours: strawberries and coconut. A summer twist on the classic almond cake, this refreshing sweet treat has strawberries embedded into the sponge, ensuring there’s a fruity burst of flavour in every slice. Serve with a generous helping of coconut whipped cream and a warming cup of English breakfast tea.


5. Strawberries and cream naked cake

In search of a refreshing seasonal showstopper to serve during Wimbledon? This naked strawberries and cream cake is the perfect way to round off the tennis-fuelled fortnight, so save it for the grand final! This stripped back cake has strawberry purée whipped into the light sponge, and is filled with elderflower and vanilla sweetened cream, along with fresh strawberries. Top with more strawberries and optional edible flowers to finish.

What tennis-inspired cakes will you be serving over Wimbledon? Let us know via Twitter!

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