4 quirky ways to decorate a Christmas cake!

30 November, 2016

Is Christmas really Christmas without its staple bake? Jam-packed with raisins, sultanas and cherries, this deliciously sweet fruit cake, covered in marzipan and icing, goes hand in hand with the jovial celebrations experienced during this time of year. Christmas cake’s ingredients may often stay the same, but its texture is created depending on preference – whether crumbly or sticky – and as a whole, the bake can be decorated as you wish – encompassing the festive season with edible decorations, colours and more.

In this blog, we’re showcasing how you can truly make your Christmas cake as striking as possible, taking inspiration from several eye-catching designs.

1. Iced snowflakes

Who says you can’t change the colour of your Christmas cake? Swap white icing for blue!

Roll out your brightly coloured icing and place on top of the marzipan, trimming off the excess icing with a knife. Then, using a snowflake icing template, cut out your winter wonderland designs and stick them to the icing using water. Simply finish by sprinkling edible glitter all over the cake!

Your cake’s flavour will still have its traditional taste, just wrapped up a little differently!

2. Frosted pine trees


Frosted pine trees

For a true winter wonderland, why not create your own festive landscape littered with Christmas trees and decorations? By taking advantage of the various frosting techniques out there, you can create your own iced pine trees in differing styles (that still taste great!). Start with a green fondant cone and a small flower cutter. Begin to cut out your fondant flowers one by one, folding them in half as you go along. Then, using a little water, stick your flowers onto the fondant cone, pushing up the individual petals. Do this until the cone is completely covered. Once finished, why not sprinkle with icing sugar for that desirable snowy effect? Here’s the full technique for impressive nature necessities!

3. Delicious cookie holly leaves


Holly leaves cookies

If you want to push the boundaries with your Christmas cake, what’s stopping you from combining two delicious bakes in one? Instead of focusing solely on icing decorations, you could create simple festive cookies to add to the top of your cake. You don’t want to cover it entirely, but instead, selectively place a couple onto the centre of your icing.

Keep your biscuit simple, and turn your attention instead to its design. Using green icing, draw the outline of your holly leaves, before filling in their centre. Outline your leaves with ivory icing once dry and finish with red iced berries! Want to add extra flavour? Swap the iced berries for cherries!

Then, all you need to do is place your cookies onto your Christmas cake. You could even serve extra cookies separately as an added festive treat!

4. Handmade Rudolf cake toppers


Rudolf cake decorations

For a showstopping design, why not create an iced Rudolph topper to sit on your Christmas cake? With many intricate features on this loveable reindeer, creating an iced character does take a little patience, but it’s certainly worth it. With a selection of coloured fondant and modelling paste, you can turn your baking techniques into perfecting the ultimate Christmas cake design – with Rudolf, and even Santa Claus, ruling your festive bake. Why not create Christmas cupcakes as well and add this little treasure on top? Here’s the full instructions – suitable for the advanced baker!

At BAKO NW, Christmas is just another excuse to perfect our baking skills and experiment with different techniques. How have you decorated a festive bake in the past? We want to see your images! Simply show us your beautiful Christmas creations via Twitter.

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