4 mouth-watering ways to include Crème Eggs in your baking this Easter

13 April, 2017

As Easter creeps up, there’s one sweet treat on the minds of professional bakers everywhere. We are, of course, talking about Crème Eggs. With their thick chocolate outer-layer and gooey fondant centre, it’s no wonder these tasty sweet eggs have got chocolate fans pining for them all year round. For professional bakers, Crème Eggs bring with them the opportunity to create desserts that are even more indulgent, mouth-watering and tempting to customers.

As many bakers turn to the staple Crème Egg brownies to bake this Easter, it got us thinking about alternative ways to include this rich chocolatey egg in our baking. There’s a variety of Crème Egg desserts to experiment with that not only taste delicious, but look amazing!

In this blog, we’re showcasing four delectable Crème Egg creations.

1. Scotch Crème Eggs


Crème Egg Ice Cream

Traditional Scotch eggs have received an indulgent and oh-so-naughty makeover in this recipe by Amuse your Bouche! Soft, sphere-shaped and exceptionally filling, Scotch Crème Eggs will give your customers their much-needed chocolate fix this Easter. The secret to creating these delicious treats is combining the lusciousness of brownies with Crème Eggs, to form the traditional layers of a Scotch egg. A Crème Egg centre is surrounded by cooked brownie, and finished off with a layer of chocolate sprinkles.

2. Crème Egg ice cream


Crème Egg Ice Cream

Simple yet extremely satisfying, why not make this deliciously velvety ice cream that is, of course, speckled with our favourite gooey chocolate egg? All you need is condensed milk, Crème Eggs and double cream to create them, and voila, you’ve got your own creamy Crème Egg dessert! You don’t even need an ice cream maker for this recipe, by Fuss Free Flavours!

Why not serve your Crème Egg ice cream alongside a simple dessert, such as cheesecake or brownies?

3. Crème Egg no bake cheesecake


Crème Egg Cheesecake

With oven-use not necessary, you can whip up this appetising Crème Egg cheesecake in no time, while preparing your other menu choices for a busy Easter weekend. Simple yet scrumptious, this recipe creates a plain vanilla cheesecake with its trademark crunchy biscuit base, topped off with baked, halved Crème Eggs. Slice through the indulgent layers of fondant, chocolate, cheesecake and biscuit for a sweet yet modest taste.

For a bigger Easter chocolate fix, experiment with a variety of favourable Easter confectionary, including Maltesers MaltEaster bunnies and Mini Eggs!

4. Crème Egg Millionaire’s Shortbread


Creme Egg Millionaire’s Shortbread

Imagine carving through a chunk of biscuit to see distinctive (and striking!) Crème Egg layers. Swapping the caramel centre of a classic Millionaire’s Shortbread with homemade white and yellow fondant creates your very own exceptionally sweet biscuit delight! They’re very rich and satisfying, offering your customers the sugar fix they desire! Here’s the full recipe. Serve as a delightful takeaway snack or part of a hot drink and cake deal.

Want to make your Crème Egg Millionaire’s Shortbread stand out? Add different food colourings to your fondant to create a brighter layered bake!

Do you have any alternative desserts that feature Crème Eggs? Tweet us with your suggestions!

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