4 beautiful winter wedding cake designs to inspire your customers

10 November, 2016

Forget brightly coloured bouquets and long summer nights, this season’s weddings boast frosty mornings, candle-lit wedding breakfasts and deep, rich colours. And the best part? The cake of course! (Not that we’re biased!)

Winter weddings certainly provide plenty of opportunities to get creative with your designs, and no matter if you’re crafting crisp, white icing, indulgent flavours or even something with a little sparkle, your traditional centrepiece is sure to be a showstopper.

To spark a few new winter cake design ideas, here are four breath-taking winter wedding cake styles we think are perfect for this season.

1. The traditional wedding cake


The traditional wedding cake

There’s no better time of year to opt for simple elegance. Spread and smooth crisp, white frosting over a classic fruit cake and marzipan base, creating clean lines with a little texture around the edges. Then, contrast the stark white icing with vibrant red berries, thistles and frosted pine cones to complete the seasonal look.

Want to add a little something extra? Lightly dust with white glitter to add a subtle sparkle to your cake.

2. The city wedding cake


The city wedding cake

If you’re looking to add a little drama to your cake, try defining each layer by decorating them with different textured effects for maximum impact. Use a neutral colour palette to create a chic, elegant finish, while styling each layer to contrast the next.

Build up the base layer of icing ruffles by using white ready-to-roll icing and crimping each strip using a sugar craft tool. Cover two layers of cake in edible glitter crystals and create contrasting icing effects on the final two layers by manipulating the buttercream.

3. The relaxed wedding cake


The relaxed wedding cake

Sometimes, the best wedding cakes are all about flavour, and when it comes to flavour, it doesn’t get much better than chocolate! A brilliant way to show off this fantastic ingredient, this cake layers up dark, milk and white chocolate, using their natural colours to create a clever ombré effect. So simple yet so effective, surround your cake with festive sprigs of holly to finish. Planning a hearty wedding breakfast? Why not serve up this delicious wedding treat as your dessert as well?

4. The country wedding cake


The country wedding cake

Perfect for couples planning a rustic, country wedding, this winter delight provides a great alternative to the floral naked cakes created for summer ceremonies. Cover your cake in white frosting, then create a woodgrain effect to give the impression of tree bark. Finish with a love heart etched into the icing and finish by serving on a log cake stand.

What are the best winter wedding cake designs you’ve come across? Let us know via Twitter!

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