3 modern twists on the classic carrot cake

13 April, 2017

The carrot cake, with its moist sponge and flavoursome spices, has taken over the cake world. Okay, so a cake baked with carrots and covered in soft cheese may not sound particularly appealing, but the smooth, sweet taste of cream cheese is ideal when combined with the piquant, carrot-littered sponge. In fact, it tastes amazing.

Often presumed to be a modern concoction of ingredients, thrown together to push the cake boundaries, baking with carrots is not a new phenomenon, but was a popular practice during the rationing of World War II.

Armed with a classic recipe for your favourite carrot-speckled bake, also featuring cinnamon, walnuts and more, we thought it would be interesting to see how far the carrot cake has come since World War II, offering modern ways to re-invent the much-loved bake.

1. Carrot cake pops



So, imagine having the deliciousness of a carrot cake, but in small, delightful truffles. That’s exactly what carrot cake pops are. The popularity of cake pops has sky-rocketed over the past two years, and they’ve since become a well-recognised cake trend. Like with all cake pop creations, simply bake your cake, and once cooled, crumble into small, spherical pieces. Then, cover your rounded mini cakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkle with pecans! This recipe by Deliciously Yum includes white chocolate – amazing!

Why not experiment with different frosting flavours to cover your cake pops, including chocolate orange or even pineapple frosting, and finish with a topping of sprinkles?

2. Carrot cake loaf


After you’ve established that carrots taste delicious in a cake, it’s time to explore other variations, including creating this mouth-watering carrot loaf. This recipe by Juniper Cakery offers a healthier dessert option to your customers, combining pomegranate’s antioxidants with the health benefits of pistachios and carrots. Their mouth-watering glaze creates a striking and sweet addition to your carrot loaf, while sprinklings of pecans and pomegranates add bursts of flavour. Drizzle your glaze along the sides of your cake for added decoration, and serve with a side of vanilla ice cream.

3. Carrot cake doughnuts



Doughnuts. They’re currently in the middle of a popularity surge. Bakers around the world have been boldly experimenting with these fried delights, combining the deliciousness of another classic sweet treat and creating eye-popping flavours. We’ve seen cronuts, doughnut wedding cakes, and even doughnut French toast, so it’s no surprise that carrot cake doughnuts are now a thing. Combining a traditional cake with a fried dessert could go so wrong, but these taste delicious.

Although they sound indulgent, carrot cake doughnuts are actually healthier than the average doughnut. This recipe by Nourish Your Glow is gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, and suitable for vegans, offering a sweet alternative that fulfils your customers’ needs.

As bakers around the world re-invent traditional cakes, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had. So, why don’t you experiment with your best-selling bake?

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