3 delicious hot cross bun variations to try this Easter!

27 March, 2017

A tradition traced back to the 12th century, hot cross buns have become a mouth-watering Easter staple, usually eaten on Good Friday in all parts of the world. A spiced bun, speckled with currants and raisins, and decorated with its trademark cross on top, this delicious and filling treat is popular as a mid-morning snack, and best served oozing with butter. Over the years, however, this Easter tradition has been made-over, and teamed with some of your favourite preserves, spreads and fruits. In this blog, we’re showcasing three unusual yet scrumptious hot cross bun variations you should serve to your customers.

Chocolate, ginger and cranberry hot cross buns


Chocolate hot cross buns

The deliciousness of hot cross buns lies in the complementing fruit and flavours, which is why these – made by Sarah from Sugar Hit, are so delightful. The cocoa addition to your bun’s flavour adds a little indulgence, while the crystallised ginger and chopped hazelnut provide contrasting tastes. Each bun has a delectable chewy texture, thanks to added dried cranberries. Sarah uses Tangzhong as a unique way of baking her hot cross buns, all the while adding plenty of flavour. Why not experiment with this technique to serve striking chocolate hot cross buns with an unusual flavour?

Earl Grey hot cross buns


Earl Grey hot cross buns

A simple way to experiment with the taste of your hot cross buns is to replace water in the classic recipe with a flavoursome alternative. In this case, Earl Grey has been tried and tested by Izy from The Kitchn, and gives your hot cross buns that recognisable Earl Grey taste and aroma. Steep Earl Grey teabags in boiling water for several minutes, discard and leave the tea to cool. Then, add this to the rest of the mixture to bake. Interestingly, Izy recommends glazing her hot cross buns with apricot jam or golden syrup, adding a kick of flavour.

Follow the full recipe from The Kitchn.

Cheesy hot cross buns


Cheesy hot cross buns

If you want to totally transform your hot cross buns, why not make them savoury? We love these filling cheesy hot cross buns by Simone’s Bakery – great served with a mug of homemade soup! To create these delicious mini breads, cheddar cheese is kneaded into the dough and baked. Then, the crosses are created using parmesan cheese and water!

Hot cross buns are a much-loved Easter tradition, and could be served to your customers as a quick takeaway snack or part of a delicious breakfast deal. If you want to showcase how diverse your talents are, why not whip up one of these recipe variations, offering a different take on an old favourite?

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