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5 of the best baking events in 2017 from around the world

11 January, 2017

With a new year upon us, it brings with it even more opportunities to improve your baking skills and diversify your offering. The beauty of the food industry is the wealth of inspiration available from all corners of the world; each destination has its own tastes, scents and ingredients that create delicious, mouth-watering cuisine – and maybe 2017 is the year to discover them.

If you’re looking for ways to expand your knowledge and baking skills in the new year, you could explore one of the many food events taking place across the world, providing ample opportunity to learn new techniques from multi-award winning chefs, explore innovative recipes to deliver to your customers, and take an abundance of inspiration from world cuisine.

At BAKO North Western, we’ve found five of the most exciting food events taking place this year.

1. London’s Baking! London

Running until 1st February 2017


A must-see, truly unique exhibition, London’s Baking! focuses on the history of the city’s iconic desserts – dating back to 1666. The baking timeline starts at Thomas Farriner’s bakery on Pudding Lane – the source of the Great Fire, and continues through centuries where it highlights the baking trends of certain decades and the traditional desserts of days gone by.

From 1700s almond cake and 1850s suet pudding to 20th century cake classics, professional bakers can learn about the history of this popular pastime and recreate traditional English dishes full of nostalgia that customers are sure to love. The exhibition also includes fascinating photographs and baking paraphernalia from over four centuries, further highlighting how far baking has evolved.

2. Gulfood, Dubai

26th February – 2nd March 2017


Documented as the world’s largest annual food and beverage exhibition, Gulfood, taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre, boasts an incredible 5,000 exhibitors from more than 120 countries.

With the opportunity to sample an unprecedented quantity of world flavours, mix with the world’s leading chefs, and explore raw ingredients from global food producers, Gulfood is a first-class festival of culinary diversity. Together with its taste testing and introductions, this exhibition offers insightful research and projections into 2017 food trends, from the next healthy eating movement to the flourishing visual food trend. Offering a superior understanding of the industry from leading experts and a unique ability to sample world cuisine, Gulfood is a great way to kick-start 2017 and celebrate global food enterprise from eight different sectors.

3. Cake World Germany, Hamburg

3th March – 5th March 2017


Talented master bakers will be coming together to revel in an array of beautiful cake creations and classes at Cake World, focusing on the art of baking and decorating. Workshops offer inspiring techniques from renowned industry specialists, including a highly-anticipated session hosted by Lucia Simeone, a celebrated cake artist, and a fascinating workshop by Margherita Ferrara, creator of Fashflower’s Cake. Visitors will also have the opportunity to showcase their own baking masterpieces by entering Cake World competitions, all the while networking with suppliers from the thriving baking and decorating world.

4. Great American Foodie Fest, Las Vegas

April 2017


In the heart of lively Las Vegas, hundreds of the nation’s finest food vendors will be celebrating all things food – offering a mouth-watering selection of true American gastronomical pleasures. With highly anticipated dishes, as seen on the Food Network and the Cooking Channel, this festival of salacious fast food offers first-hand experience of American-style cooking – with big portions and plenty of stacked meats and cheeses. For inspiration on pushing the boundaries, and ways to embrace the foodie culture of this unrestricted country, the Great American Foodie Fest is a must-visit event this year for aspiring chefs and bakers.

5. Taste of Paris, Paris

18th May – 21st May 2017


In the awe-inspiring setting of Paris’ Grand Palais, some of France’s renowned gastronomes and talented artisans will be showcasing a truly high specification of food that the country has to offer, from intricate local delicacies to fresh French ingredients. Taste of Paris offers four dynamic days of delightful food sampling, allowing visitors to delve into French cuisine and global favourites, prepared by award-winning chefs. 45-minute cookery classes let you learn from the best of the best, uncover tips and tricks from France’s leading cooks and explore a unique fine dining experience – one bite at a time.

With 2017 upon us, it’s time to embrace the opportunities available and build on your baking knowledge.

How are you extending your learning in the new year? We want to know! Share your ideas with us via Twitter.