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Celebrate National Flour Month

4 March, 2016

As professional bakers, the team at BAKO NW know how important flour is to your everyday lives. As one of your basic but most vital ingredients, whether it’s wholemeal, self-raising or rice flour we know that this store cupboard staple needs to deliver every time.

From pizza, sandwiches and pies to cakes, cookies and muffins, flour is the fundamental element.

As the exciting relaunch of BAKO Select has previously been announced, we wanted to take the time to highlight some of the quality flours we have on offer. High quality, yet at a lower price than other well-known brands, means you can be rest assured that consistency, value and quality stand at the heart of what we do, as flour is at the heart of every recipe.

BAKO Select Bread Flour

A high quality bread making flour, for the professional baker who needs a flour that has an excellent protein content that enables good water absorption; resulting in an excellent yield that produces a strong well developed dough.

Not just for the obvious loaves and pizza bases, try using BAKO Select Bread Flour in your pretzel or English muffin recipes to ensure strong, stretchy gluten that will hold lots of air bubbles and retain water. Baking flour for the professional who won’t compromise.


BAKO Select Wholemeal Flour

For those of you with customers still on a health kick this year, wholemeal flour is a healthy and delicious way to help keep those diet promises. This product is well known for its rich fibre content and is produced from only the best raw materials. If it’s sweetness you’re looking for in your bakes, don’t rule out wholemeal flour. Swap your normal flour for wholemeal for a healthier brioche or muffins that your customers won’t be able to resist.


BAKO Select Self Raising Flour
No baker would be without a reliable self-raising flour; a blend of wheat flour, milled from soft low protein UK wheat, and baking powder sifted together for an even distribution, it will give a consistent lift to baked goods every time. Perfect for making scratch recipe cakes, sponges and scones or add to pastry where you need a little extra lift and texture.

Lemon drizzle cake

BAKO Select Rice Flour

As many of you know, flour is continually evolving. It is now not just made from wheat or cereal grains but can be made from seeds or nuts. For those of your customers with food allergies or sensitivities, rice flour is a more than worthy substitute.
Made from milled, broken white rice, surprisingly rice flour makes a great crumble topping and is fantastic for biscuit recipes, especially shortbread.


BAKO Select Ground Hazelnut Flour

Another worthy alternative to wheat and grain based flours, BAKO Select Ground Hazelnut Flour adds a nutty aroma and taste to your bakes that customers will find hard to refuse. If you’re not using it as a replacement, try replacing 30% of the flour in your recipe meaning you’ll still get the wonderful added texture and nutty flavour you’re after. Paired beautifully with fruit and chocolate, why not whip up a chocolate hazelnut slice for your menu?

Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Cake

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