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Celebrating #BritishPieWeek with BAKO North Western

4 March, 2015

Pies are a staple dish for many bakers and we’re sure that many customers and bakers alike have fond memories of the smell of warm pies, fresh out the oven. British Pie Week is essentially a whole week of baking, eating and promoting British pies; who could argue with that? To make the most of this week celebrating this traditional British dish, the team at BAKO NW have put together some inspiration for you, so you can fill your pastry cases with the most tempting of fillings for your customers.

For those of you though with less time on your hands, we stock a delicious range of ready prepared pies, perfect to enjoy this British Pie Week.

Savoury Pies

Steak and ale pie, ticks all the boxes when it comes to a comfort food classic, with its buttery puff pastry encasing a gravy soaked tender meat filling. If the tempting smell alone isn’t enough to draw customers in, serving a generous slice of this pie alongside a portion of chunky chips or creamy mash is sure to prove a hit.

A top BAKO tip is to slow cook the meat on a low temperature in a traditional ale infused stock. This will create the tenderest of meats, and a rich flavoursome gravy to soak into the pastry.

Steak Pie Meal

Although typically a British treat, why not try adding Mediterranean flavours to your menu this week with a spinach, feta and pine nut pie? Layers of light crisp filo pastry contrast beautifully with the spinach and feta filling.

Simply layer sheets of filo pastry brushed with olive oil into a pie dish and spoon in a mixture of steamed spinach, eggs, sundried tomatoes and feta. Finally, top with more layers of filo and pine nuts and bake until golden and crisp. Not only is this pie a winner for its light and delicious flavours, it also makes a perfect option for your vegetarian customers.

spinach pie

Often known as the most skilled pastry to create, why not try creating some hot water crust pastry this week for some delicious mini pork pies?

Gently melting lard into your flour and water mixture is the key to this moreish pastry. Just the right amount of lard and bringing to the boil is the technique to master, as your pastry can quickly overheat and become unworkable. Filled with a meaty mixture and sometimes with the addition of a miniature boiled egg, these are sure to be a hit on your lunch time menu. Why not try serving them alongside a cheeseboard and some chutneys this British Pie Week?


Sweet Pies

What could be more delicious than a humble slice of apple pie? Proof that often simple flavours work best, a filling of apples stewed in butter, cinnamon and soft brown sugar create a satisfyingly, sticky sweet concoction. Plain short crust pastry often works best for apple pie to encase the moist filling but to also cut through the sweetness of its centre. Covered in lashings of pouring cream, smooth vanilla custard or even a scoop of ice cream, this pie is a dessert to die for that will satisfy your customers with the sweetest tooth.


A retro classic, lemon meringue pie is an eye catching dessert, famed for its layers of vibrant yellow filling and snowy meringue topping. Blind baking pastry enriched with icing sugar and egg yolk will give you the base for your tangy lemon curd filling. Top with generous peaks of meringue and bake until crisp and slightly golden, this is sure to be a show stopper on your cake counter this British Pie Week.

Lemon Meringue Slice

For those of you who choose not to create your curds from scratch or if you have less time on your hands, BAKO stock a delicious range of ready-made lemon flavoured curds perfect for filling your pies.

How will you be celebrating #BritishPieWeek? Are you a connoisseur of the classics or do you prefer something more unusual under your pastry lids? We’d love to see some snaps of your pies on our Twitter.

What to expect from the Spring baking season

4 March, 2015

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about steering away from the rich flavours of Winter and revamping your menus with lighter seasonal bakes.

The team at BAKO have put together some of the key baking trends and flavours you can expect to see this Spring along with a pinch of edible inspiration so your business can make the most of some special calendar events.

Floral flavours

Spring is classically associated with the blooming of new flowers, so why not embrace this in your baking? When used subtly, floral flavours can give bakes a delicious and unique flavour that’s perfect for Spring.

Fluffy marshmallows pair beautifully with the delicate flavour of rose water so why not try creating some floral flavoured marshmallows? Simply beat in a tablespoon of rose water with a drop of pink food colouring before spreading the marshmallow mixture to set. Why not take it that step further and top with sugar crystal rose petals? Not only would handmade marshmallows make a beautiful addition to your cake counter, they would also make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

Homemade marshmallows

Blending dried or fresh lavender with sugar creates a delicious flavour infusion. Add this to your classic cake mix to add an exciting twist to your cakes and cupcakes! To add the finishing touch, why not add a generous helping of violet coloured buttercream and a sprig of fresh lavender to create a tasty spring treat.

Three lavender cupcakes

Vegetable cakes

The idea of baking with vegetables may seem unusual but vegetables that are naturally sweet add delicious flavour, texture and help to keep cakes fresh and moist.

Carrot cake, perhaps the most famous vegetable infused cake of them all, is loved for its naturally sweet sponge and subtle hum of spices. So why not try whipping up a carrot cake for your cake counter this Spring? Carrot cake is a guaranteed hit with customers of all ages when smothered in fluffy cream cheese frosting and topped with sugarpaste carrots.

Carrot Cake Squares

Beetroot gives cakes an indulgent fudge-like texture making it the perfect partner for chocolate. How do beetroot brownies sound for your spring-time menu? Simply replace half of the butter in the brownie mix – beetroot puree not only cuts half the fat, but gives a rich purple tone to your brownies.

We’ve also heard that cheesecake brownies are going to big this Spring.
Simply add an indulgent swirl of cream cheese, sugar and egg yolks into your brownies to give a delicious tangy contrast against the rich chocolate flavour. Your customers are sure to find these hard to resist!

Cheesecake brownies with raspberry stacked on a plate



During Lent, we’re sure many of your customers have been counting down the days to tuck into tasty Easter treats. So don’t hesitate to indulge your customers this year with a variety of seasonal bakes that are sure to satisfy their sugar cravings!


Hot cross buns are a classic during Easter and we can see why, dotted with dried fruit, these soft bread buns are delicious when simply toasted and served warm with plenty of butter. Why not try adding cacao nibs instead of fruit for a surprising sweet addition?

Or will you be trying your hand at a traditional Easter Simnel Cake this year? Packed with dried fruit and citrus zest and decorated with marzipan balls, this is perfect for those who like a classic treat.

St Patrick’s Day

A celebration of all things Irish, St Patrick’s Day is an ideal holiday for your business to celebrate for the sheer range of green-themed treats and bakes to enjoy.

Guinness is a beverage traditionally enjoyed by the Irish, so why not incorporate this rich, flavoursome drink into your baking? Gingerbread embodies the strong flavours of Guinness perfectly without losing any of its characteristic taste. So how about putting a twist on the traditional ginger cake by adding some Guinness to the mix. Served warm with custard, this is sure to be a hit during the Irish holiday.


If you’re looking to celebrate St Patrick’s Day without having to make any drastic changes to your menu, why not replace your red food colouring with green to create a green velvet cake? When sliced, the surprise of vibrant green sponge instead of red will be a fun way of getting into the Irish spirit. Finally, don’t forget to decorate with plenty of sugar paste shamrocks!

Will you be embracing any new Spring baking trends this year? Or will you be sticking with the classics? We’d love to hear about your bakes on our Twitter.

BAKO North Western Easter Workshop

2 March, 2015

On the 19th February, the team at BAKO North Western proudly hosted a workshop, in association with a number of our suppliers including Macphie, Renshaw, Dawn, Richs, Ireks featuring plenty of the delicious products from our BAKO Own Label range.

The workshop aimed to inspire bakers to help them make the most out of the busy Easter period. As one of the first major holidays of the year, it’s important that bakers are ready for the wealth of shoppers who may be looking to tuck into some tasty Easter treats on the bank holiday weekend.

With approximately 50 customers in attendance, our BAKORY facility was jam packed with bakers ready to learn techniques and recipes to take away to their businesses.

The live presentations and demonstrations displayed the vast array of cakes and bakes that can be utilised for the seasonal period. These included buttery Egg Shortbread Biscuits, Cookie Nests and Irish Cream Cheesecake. Not only were all these treats delicious, with a little know how, they were easy to put together too.

Marzipan flowers, chocolate eggs and sugarpaste carrots were just some of the Easter inspired decorations demonstrated live by our suppliers with a range of classic Easter flavours enjoyed on the day. From BAKO Own Label Mini Simnel Cakes to Dawn Spiced Easter Muffins; the team at Renshaw embraced almond flavours in their bakes with marzipan featuring in most of their creations!

BAKO Own Label Product Demonstration BAKO Own Label Products Displayed in Cabinet Macphie Product Demonstration Renshaw Product Demonstration Riches products