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The North West Food Lovers Festival visited Liverpool

16 July, 2014

The @NWFoodLovers Festival, have put on some great events across the North West and their venture in to Liverpool was one the region was very excited about. The festival was held for the first time in Liverpool’s Stanley park with a jam-packed two day schedule over the 5th& 6th of July, offering something for everyone, from Thai food, regional cheeses and homemade honey to cakes, bakes and toffee-infused vodka.

In fact, this year’s festival even drew a few famous faces, with professional demonstrations from celebrity chefs such as Liverpool’s own Simon Rimmer, Coronation Street star Sean Wilson and leading celebrity Thai demo expert, chef Ooy.

A mouth-watering display of food from around the region offered visitors the chance to see and sample all the latest creations from the North West – a real foodie’s day out!


The North West’s bakers celebrate Independence Day

7 July, 2014

America is famously known for its rich and delicious bakes. Following this Independence Day, BAKO NW thought we would take a look at how the North West’s bakers have paid homage to some of America’s most traditional bakes as part of the 4th of July celebrations.

Interesting Eating Company

American pancakes, although much thicker than ours, are known for their light fluffy consistency, created by the use of buttermilk and whipped egg white. Typically served as a brunch, the Interesting Eating Company in Liverpool have created these American pancakes topped with salty bacon and lashings of maple syrup for their customers to tuck into.

The Cake Nest
The Cake Nest’s customers will be shouting ‘Whoopie’ after they have tasted these American Whoopie Pies. Texture is key to the whoopie pie. The outer sections are made from two round, mound shaped pieces of cake, usually chocolate, cemented together with a thick layer of creamy vanilla frosting. 

Hey Little Cupcake
Hey Little Cupcake have created a whole 4th July cupcake collection for their customers with flavours from Mississippi Mud pie, Peanut and Jelly, Boston cream cake, Blueberry Pancake and Stars and Stripes. They also have their own signature American flavours on the menu which include, The American Oreo, New Yorker Coffee, Viva Las Vegas chocolate and the classic Red Velvet.

Kinsella Cakes

Kinsella cakes have created their own version of the Boston Blackout cake, famously known for its indecently rich dark chocolate flavours. Traditionally consisting of both chocolate pudding and chocolate cake, it is towered high and smothered with deep chocolate frosting, before crumbling the remaining chocolate cake crumbs over it.

Fallen Angel Bakery

Fallen Angel Bakery have whipped up this eye catching Red Velvet cake. With its deep crimson sponge, created from when the buttermilk and baking soda meet, and its lashings of white cream cheese frosting, emphasising its striking colour, this makes a real treat for the eyes, and we can only imagine for the taste buds too.

For those of you that haven’t got the time to create something from scratch, Dawn’s Authentic American Bakery have savings galore this July with money off their frozen cupcake bases, frostings and sucrea curl toppings.

If you have been recreating some traditional American bakes for Independence Day, we would love to hear from you on Twitter. Don’t forget if you need to stock up on any baking essentials, don’t hesitate to get in touch.