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It’s actually a cake – April Fool’s Day!

1 April, 2014

BAKO North Western know there are a lot of great bakers out there who are extremely creative with their designs: we’ve seen many a cake look too good to be true, or even too real to be eaten! Some cakes can be so creative that they can easily fool many of us into believing that they aren’t a cake at all.

Seeing as its April fool’s day, we thought we would take a look at some of the North West’s cakes in disguise!

Stuart Thornley Cake Design

Stuart Thornley Cake Design in Cheshire have created this array of delights which on the outside appear to be British picnic treats, including the traditional pork pie, scotch egg and sausage roll, but they are in fact all made from cake. Stuart Thornley creates the cake Scotch egg using a Cadbury Creme Egg surrounded by chocolate truffle cake, coated in Belgian white chocolate and covered in biscuit crumb. The sausage roll, on the other hand, is created from a moist white chocolate and raspberry cake surrounded by flaky pastry.

Cake by Sian


Cakes by Sian in Staffordshire has created these delightful treats, which resemble the traditional 99’ ice cream. They are in fact cake filled ice cream cones, baked and then topped with a swirl of velvety buttercream and decorated with a drizzle of raspberry sauce and a flake to give the authentic effect of an ice cream!

Liverpool Cake Company

It’s hard to believe, but everything on this colourful plate of sushi, from the chopsticks to the wasabi, is in fact made from cake, by the Liverpool Cake Company. We don’t know which we want to eat more, cake or sushi?

Incredible Edibles


Vicki Smith of Incredible Edibles, is known for creating cake masterpieces which regularly fool people into believing they are the real deal rather than made from cake. Vicki has won many awards at cake shows such as Cake International and this is hardly a surprise when you see this cake version of baby Oleg from the ‘Compare The Meerkat’ adverts. Completely edible, the intricate design work that has gone into creating this cake is amazing; he almost looks too good to eat.

Have you been inspired to create your own cake in disguise?  Get in touch to stock up on professional standard baking supplies, and don’t forget to share your designs with BAKO North Western on Twitter.