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Food trends to watch in 2014

7 January, 2014

How many cupcake businesses have sprung up in the UK in the last five years?

It seems each year the catering world is hit with a hot new food trend, with the public rapidly falling in love with a certain ingredient, cuisine or dish. From new creations like the cronut to old favourites experiencing a resurgence in popularity, it’s important for food businesses to keep an eye on these highly profitable trends, so BAKO are sharing our predictions for what to look out for in 2014.


Marshmallows go gourmet

British Baker magazine reports gourmet marshmallows could be set to follow the success of macarons and cake pops in recent years by becoming the go-to bite-sized treat for the UK public. Try experimenting with different flavours, colours and toppings to create marshmallows that go beyond the basics to become something really special.

Tea time

Rather than just an accompaniment to an afternoon cake break, tea may take centre stage in baking recipes this year, as advocated by Sunday Brunch presenter Simon Rimmer in a recent interview. Whether it’s the green, white or black variety, tea can lend a distinct fragrant flavour to baked creations that offers a sophisticated contrast from sugary sweetness.


Latin flavours

With the World Cup coming up in Brazil this summer, chefs are anticipating a rising interest in Brazilian cuisine throughout the year which is likely to influence sweet and savoury cooking alike. Restaurants might want to explore dishes including empadão, a traditional Brazilian meat pie, or smoky Feijoada stew, and bakers can add a Latin touch by using ingredients like cinnamon and coconut.

A delicate touch

British Bake Off winner Ed Kimber and Real Bread Campaign Ambassador Richard Bertinet both expect to see a turn to more delicate, intricate choux pastries in 2014. Bakers should take their inspiration from the patisserie shops of Paris and focus on presentation to create edible goodies that command a premium price. For a time-saving tip, start off with Craigmiller’s convenient Choux Paste mix from BAKO, and just add water for an instant solution to choux pastry.

Ready to get back into the kitchen this January to try out these up and coming food trends? Stock up on all the professional quality baking ingredients you’ll need to get started from BAKO, and don’t forget to show us your creations on Twitter.

Baking for health-conscious customers this January

6 January, 2014

After an indulgent festive season full of rich Christmas cakes, stocking-filler snacks and catered parties, it’s unsurprising that many individuals decide to put healthy eating top of their New Year’s resolution list.

This doesn’t have to mean a quiet season for bakers though, as there are plenty of clever ways to make your creations more nutritionally balanced to appeal to this health-conscious crowd.

Veggie delights

Vegetables are a key part of any healthy diet, so including them in your baking is one sure way to win over customers in January, particularly since they are a low-calorie way of keeping cake moist. Carrot cake is perhaps the most common example of a vegetable-rich snack, but there are lots of other flavour combinations to try out too, from beetroot brownies to zingy lime courgette cake.

Light lunches

Lighter lunchtime options are likely to form a cornerstone of most post-Christmas plans as people return to work. Cafes can meet this need by offering healthy sandwich fillings like roasted vegetables, salad and lean meats. Caterers can also replace traditional loaves with lower carbohydrate alternatives by using Arkady’s Reduced Carb White Bread Mix, now available from BAKO with a free point of sale poster kit, while stocks last.

Feeling fresh

As they are rich in essential vitamins, fresh fruits provide a guilt-free burst of sweetness to your baking and can help keep cakes from becoming too dry. Try adding fruity chutneys to savoury dishes instead of fatty sauces, or cooking up fruit-rich desserts in place of indulgent ingredients like chocolate, cream and custard.

Hearty wholemeal

A simple switch from white flour to more nutritious varieties such as fibre-rich wholemeal flour can make a world of difference to the health status of baked goods. There are also a number of low-gluten or gluten-free flours to experiment with, or ready-made loaves like BAKO’s Gluten Free White and Gluten Free Brown bread, which are perfect for customers trying to cut wheat out of their diet.

Do you have any secret tips for healthier baking to add to our list? Share your suggestions with BAKO on Twitter.