Young bakers show off their skills at BAKO North Western’s Student Bakery Challenge

3 March, 2014

Alongside marvelling at the wondrous creations from the region’s professional bakers on Twitter this Valentine’s Day, the BAKO North Western team were also lucky enough to enjoy an exciting array of treats at the hands of the baking talent of the future.


Tameside College turn out beautiful bloomers

Students from specialist bakery courses at colleges in the North brought their edible masterpieces to our BAKORY innovation kitchen to face the ultimate taste-test at the hands of the BAKO North Western judges. Round one saw a battle of the breads, where the ambitious young bakers rose to the challenge of demonstrating their best crusty bloomer loaf. Breadcrumbs swept aside, the judges next moved on to the sweeter side of the contest, with a round dedicated to the humble fruit scone.

student 2

Let the judging commence!

Though deceptively simple, both of these recipes were selected due to the high level of skill required to attain the perfect result, showing a deep understanding of the fundamentals of baking. Despite this, the judges were blown away by the standard of entries from both classes, with BAKO North Western Technical Consultant John Robertshaw commenting:

“It’s fantastic to see young bakers of the future competing to such a high level; they have made my job today very difficult.”

student 3

Holly Pearson’s prize-winning scones

With the tricky, yet incredibly enjoyable, job of tasting each bake out of the way, each college waited in anticipation to be contacted with the final results. Young baker Jack Stokes from Tameside College was proud to take home first prize in the bloomer category, and Sheffield College’s Holly Pearson emerged victorious as the scone champion, though all the students deserve recognition for their incredible efforts.

BAKO North Western is proud to support the budding young bakers who will be feeding future generations for years to come, and looks forward to the day each of these talented individuals returns to us to source ingredients for their own baking businesses.

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