The Artisan Cheese Fair returns for its fourth year

1 May, 2014

The British love cheese!  From colourful Cheddars to smelly Stiltons and crumbly blocks of Caerphilly, Britain is home to a large range of artisan cheeses, with each region producing its own distinctive flavour. For the fourth year running, this weekend Melton Mowbray’s heritage Cattle Market is set to play host to the Artisan Cheese Fair, with around 50 different cheese makers set to showcase their produce.

Known for being the largest dedicated festival of cheese in the UK, there will be a series of talks, demonstrations and tasting sessions, with visitors able to try around 200 different cheeses. There will also be the opportunity to sample local produce including pies, wines, ales, cakes, chutneys, bread, and other tasty accompaniments to cheese.

As BAKO North Western now stock a range of fresh cheeses, we decided to celebrate the occasion by looking at the different ways bakers of the North West are using cheese in their recipes.

A cheese wedding cake from Cheese Hamlet

The cheese wedding cake has become a popular alternative to the traditional wedding cake. It can be served with different varieties of jams, chutneys and crackers and is a great way to get everyone involved, making an eye-catching centrepiece to any buffet table.

Robinsons Bakery’s cheese and broccoli quiche

Robinsons Bakery have cooked up a traditional cheese and broccoli quiche, with its crisp pastry case and savoury cheese custard filling. Quiche is a great solution to any meal dilemma: hot or cold, it can be served anywhere from dinner parties to picnics and even afternoon tea. If you don’t have the time to create your quiche from scratch, BAKO provide a time-saving option with ready-prepared pastry mixes.

Baltic Bakehouse creates a classic ham and cheese sandwich

Artisan bakers Baltic Bakehouse in Liverpool are famously known for their love of bread, and BAKO can’t think of a better accompaniment to a good cheese than a thick slice of homebaked bread. Here, they have created a tempting cured ham and cheddar cheese sandwich on sourdough bread. These sandwich masters are also known for their special the ‘UGC’ – the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich – which consists of cheddar, gruyere, onion and leek toasted to perfection; now that’s what we call a sandwich!

Lewington Fine Foods’ cheese and onion pie

A wholesome cheese pie is a real Northern favourite, known for being spectacularly tasty using only two key ingredients: cheese and onions. This stunning vegetarian pie from Lewington Fine Foods is perfect for a picnic, lunchbox or dinner table and tastes just as good served piping hot or chilled, with its buttery crisp pastry and gooey cheese centre.

Bakers, we’d love to see pictures of your own cheesy recipes via Twitter, and don’t forget to let us know if you need to stock up on any baking essentials.

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