Sweet Vs Savoury puff pastry treats

9 October, 2015

With the weather turning colder this month, many bakers will be starting to feature a few winter classics on their menus, swapping light sandwiches for indulgent sausage rolls and pastries. Along with the hearty pies added to the menu come the sweet warming puddings.

For those of you who want to make your pastry from scratch our team appreciate that having the best quality ingredients makes all the difference when producing delicious bakes, which is why we stock a wide variety of high quality produce that can help you whip up the perfect puff pastry.

Don’t worry for those of you who don’t have the time to create it from scratch, we also stock a range of great ready-made pastry products to get you underway. Whether you’re after puff pastry blocks for convenient storage or ready-rolled puff pastry to speed up the baking process, there are plenty of options.

We also stock foils ready lined with shortcrust pastry, as well as lids, which are ideal for making delicious savoury pies and are great as a handy time saver. For those of you looking to speed up your sweet bakes, there are sweet shortcrust jam tart shells and sweet custard shells which are an easy option when creating fruit or jam tarts.

As winter is quickly approaching we at BAKO thought that we would offer some inspirational ideas to entice your customers this year.

Spicy sausage rolls

You can’t beat the classic roll, whether catering for a party or as a convenient lunchtime option, why not add a little something to spice things up?

Simply adding some smoked paprika, fresh chilli and some cumin seeds to your sausage meat will add a gentle heat to this British classic.

If making your pastry from scratch, try adding some paprika during the folding process to create a subtle autumnal colour to your bake.

Sausage rollas 5497

Cheese and sundried tomato rolls

A brilliant veggie alternative, packed with an incredible mix of gorgeous cheddar, sun dried tomatoes, cream and spices, cheese and sundried tomato rolls are incredibly moreish. Perfect served as a bitesize canape or even with a hot side salad on your lunch time menu these are sure to please both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Butternut squash and feta tart

Although typically a British treat, why not try adding Mediterranean flavours to your menu this winter? A puff pastry base topped with roasted butternut squash, toasted pine nuts and feta cheese will help customers reminisce about the warmer Summer months.

Not only is this pie a winner for its light and delicious flavours, it also makes a perfect option for your vegetarian customers.


Tarte Tatin

The apple tarte tatin is always a popular choice on the menu served with a sweet crème anglaise or a warming custard. Why not mix things up and swap apple for banana this winter? Bananas, brown sugar, butter, and puff pastry are all you need for these caramelized, irresistible tarts.

Tarte tatin with ice-cream ball

Eccles mince pies

For some bakers it might be too soon to start thinking of Christmas but how about putting a twist on the traditional mince pie? Swap your traditional shortcrust pastry case for a light flaky puff pastry one to create an Eccles cake style mince pie. Perfect as a mid-afternoon sweet treat or alongside a glass of mulled wine these are sure to prove a hit.


Winter warming Palmiers

These little French pastries, otherwise known as an elephant ear, are perfect served alongside a warming winter drink such as a hot chocolate to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth.

Fold brown sugar, cinnamon and orange zest into your puff pastry to create a comforting treat.


If you have any great advice on how to bake perfect puff pastry, share your top tips with us on our Twitter.  We’d love to hear what winter warming bakes are being added to your menu?

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