Put your baking skills to the test with these unusual bread recipes!

12 August, 2016

As bakers, we have already mastered the art of bread making, but that doesn’t stop us from searching for more inspiration. There are hundreds of types of bread with differing variations, from sweet, soft French loaves to challenging Italian side breads, providing us with even more ways to perfect our skills.

To help you on your way to more bread baking bliss, we’ve found a number of incredible bread recipes we think you should try!


Salted caramel monkey bread



An irresistible, unique bread to bake is monkey bread, which is hugely popular in the USA and we know why! Made up of individual pieces of delicious dough, then coated in butter and laden with cinnamon, monkey bread looks and tastes amazing. Bake the dough pieces in the oven, overload with homemade caramel (or whatever you fancy) and bake some more! This recipe from deliciouslyyummy.com shows the steps to warm caramelised heaven. Serve to your customers as a tasty dessert with cool vanilla ice cream.


Irish cheddar and bacon soda bread


Irish cheddar and bacon soda bread

Popular in Britain in the 19th century, tasty soda bread is a traditional, delicious treat to whip up. A staple addition to any meal and prevalent across Ireland, soda bread was so frequently baked because of its simple recipe and easy technique. With no kneading and little preparation, you can have an affordable, appetising loaf in as little as an hour! The versatility of its taste has seen plenty of variations, offering both sweet and savoury recipes. For a filling, different snack, we’re loving this Irish cheddar and bacon soda bread.


Silky red velvet quick bread


Red velvet loaf

A sensational mash-up, red velvet quick bread gives you a gorgeously light red velvet bake that isn’t as indulgent as its popular cake counterpart. A moist sponge lined with the bake’s classic cream cheese frosting creates a scrumptiously soft, bright red marbled bread that your customers are guaranteed to love. Cut into slices and serve with a cup of tea or coffee.


Cool cinnamon twist bread


Cinnamon twist loaf

For a sophisticated and wonderfully sweet bread, why not bake this attractive twist bread made from cinnamon soy nog? Offering rich flavours of spiced cinnamon and baked with strips of cinnamon sugar for added sweetness, this astounding bread is rich, fragrant and makes a great breakfast alternative. For a quick takeaway snack, try baking satisfying mini twist breads! We love this recipe by Taste Love and Nourish.


Crispy lavender focaccia


Lavender focaccia

This Italian-styled bread is nothing new, but why not try experimenting with herbs, oil and chilli? Crispy, thin and tasty, focaccia makes a great side or sophisticated garlic bread substitute. To make lavender focaccia, mix chopped lavender with garlic and olive oil, brush over the top of the bread and bake in the oven. Lavender imparts an aromatic, subtle flavour to this crispy bake, which tastes great accompanying a classic Italian dish.


Soft avocado and banana bread



Banana bread tastes amazing, we know, but what about adding to this traditional bread recipe? Avocados make the deliciously sweet banana bread even softer and, with no cholesterol, avocado banana bread is healthier than the original. By substituting butter in the recipe for puréed avocado, you have a nourishing, mouthwatering, moist bake! Bananas and avocado go so well together, so why not whip up this combination for yourself?

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