The caketail trend: bakers get inspired by classic cocktails

1 August, 2013

To celebrate the fact BAKO North Western are offering three for two on Puratos’ Satin Crème Cake Mixes this August, in a range of exotic flavours, this week’s blog looks at one of the biggest baking concepts of the past few years: caketails.

The caketails trend sees bakers take their inspiration from classic cocktail flavour combinations to create enticing cupcake treats, often combined with creative cocktail-themed decorations. We’ve taken a look around the web for some of our favourite examples of the caketails trend to put together this handy set of recipe ideas and decorating tips.


View further caketail recipes using the Puratos Satin Crème Cake Mix range.

If you like Pina Coladas

Recreate the tropical taste of a pina colada by topping cupcakes baked from Puratos’ smooth Coconut Satin Crème Cake Mix with zingy pineapple icing, or follow BAKO Own Label’s free Pina Colada caketail recipe card. For an extra special touch, top with toasted shredded coconut and caramelised pineapple pieces or even a celebratory miniature cocktail umbrella.

From Russia with love

The White Russian’s decadent mix of coffee liqueur and cream lends itself perfectly to desserts. Serve up Puratos’ Coffee Satin Crème Cake Mix cupcakes with a healthy dollop of whipped cream and lightly dust with cocoa to finish.

Hit refresh

Manchester afternoon tea specialists Sugar Junction have brought a hint of zing to the table for their take on the caketails trend, creating this inviting lime and mint mojito cake. For a simple recipe, take a look at BAKO Own Label’s mojito caketail recipe card.

Far-East flair

This one pays homage to one of Singapore’s most famous exports, the Singapore Sling. Mix Puratos’ zesty Lemon Satin Crème Cake Mix with chopped glacé cherries and top with lemon icing and a drizzle of cherry syrup for a fruity masterpiece.

Chocoholic’s choice

An incredibly indulgent cocktail, the mudslide contains a rich mix of cream, coffee liqueur and chocolate ice cream that’s easily converted into a cake treat made with Puratos’ Chocolate Satin Crème Cake Mix, cream filling and coffee icing. Sprinkle with a few chocolate-coated coffee beans and serve in a cocktail glass to create a great addition to any restaurant dessert menu.

How would you interpret the caketail trend? We’d love to hear further ideas from local bakers and chefs on Twitter.


Key ingredients: the non-food supplies every baker needs to succeed

17 July, 2013

When there’s a seemingly endless list of new flavour combinations and decoration techniques for a baker to try out, it’s easy to forget about the other elements that go into creating a successful baking business.

While they may not be what drives chefs and caterers to go into business, non-food supplies are often just as important as delicious ingredients when it comes to keeping customers happy. This week’s blog looks at some of the vital extra supplies every baker needs, available from BAKO North Western alongside an extensive range of professional-standard baking produce.

Baked to perfection

Even the most experienced cook’s baking can easily turn into a kitchen disaster without the right everyday kitchen essentials. Knowing the difference between silver foil and greaseproof paper, and which to use when, is essential for turning out spectacular cakes and bakers need to have a variety of supplies on hand for all occasions.

Dressed to impress

Making the transition from talented home cook to a growing business means complying to certain Health and Safety regulations. To help bakers out, BAKO North Western stocks a range of professional baking clothing including disposable bakers’ coats, hair nets and aprons.


Decorative flair

Not all non-food supplies are designed purely for practical reasons, and can be a clever way of adding a finishing touch to your products. Vibrant cupcake and muffin cases, colourful cake boards and decorative packaging are all ways to make sure your baked goods set out to impress.


Eat-in or take away

Once you’ve made sure your tasty treats stand out from the crowd, it’s vital to think through how they will be presented and sold within your shop, café or restaurant. From display trays to specialist cake boxes for delivery or take-away sandwich containers, every detail must be thought through to serve customers in the most attractive, convenient way possible.


After a busy day baking, it’s inevitable that the kitchen can get a little messy. As a one-stop shop for baking supplies, BAKO North Western also provide a full range of all the cleaning products a chef could ever need to get their kitchen spotless again.

Get in touch to discover the full catalogue of non-food supplies available from BAKO NW.

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