5 of the best desserts from around Europe

13 May, 2016

To celebrate the return of the Eurovision Song Contest, we thought we’d get into the spirit of the occasion and take a look at what our fellow European nations have got to offer when it comes to desserts.

If you’re looking to refresh your dessert menu, taking inspiration from abroad is a brilliant way to discover new flavour combinations, experiment with different baking techniques and keep your menu feeling modern. So, if you’re thinking about branching out from the British classics, here’s what the rest of the continent has to offer.



Originating from Greece, Loukoumades are doughnuts soaked in honey syrup, dusted with cinnamon and often garnished with chopped walnuts or toasted sesame seeds. Traditionally served warm or at room temperature, why not put your own spin on this Greek delicacy by introducing a sharp, tangy filling, such as raspberry or rhubarb?


Pastel macarons

Already popular here in Britain, macarons have been proven to make fantastic wedding favours and cake toppers in recent years. Although this French meringue-based confection is traditionally sweet, savoury interpretations are also starting to appear; our favourites include smoked salmon & sesame seed, and bacon & maple syrup.



A dessert descended from the Ottoman Empire, Baklava is constructed from layers of filo pastry flavoured with pistachio and cardamom and soaked in syrup. This sticky, sweet dessert makes a great addition to any Mediterranean inspired menu and is often served with pistachios or honey ice cream.



Invented by chef Franz Sacher back in 1832, Sacher-Torte is an Austrian dessert comprising of a dense chocolate cake covered with a thin layer of apricot jam and coated in a dark chocolate ganache. This rich pudding is traditionally finished with a piped signature and served with whipped cream, however the original Sacher-Torte recipe is still a closely guarded secret by the chefs at the Sacher Café in Vienna.



An incredibly popular pudding here in the UK, tiramisu is a regular feature on Italian and British menus alike. Made up of layers of coffee soaked ladyfingers, double cream, mascarpone and chocolate, this dessert’s classic flavour combination has inspired numerous reinterpretations. Why not upgrade your classic tiramisu recipe by adding a hint of booze or transforming it into a tiramisu cheesecake?

So, do you think Europe’s sweet treats match up to our British classics? Share your favourite foreign dessert with us via Twitter!

Think you’d rather stick to British puddings? Here’s how to make your trifle the crème de la crème.

3 ways to enjoy doughnuts differently this Doughnut Week

5 May, 2016

Possibly one of our favourite weeks of the year, Doughnut Week is returning from 7th – 14th May and it’s an extra special year as they mark their silver anniversary. Bakers and cafés up and down the country will be celebrating National Doughnut Week, selling delicious doughnuts to raise money for The Children’s Trust. Since being founded in 1991 the week has raised a total of £850,074 for children’s charities with the sale of over 14 million doughnuts. Click here to see our infographic full of interesting Doughnut Week statistics!


#DidYouKnow If all doughnuts sold during the years of Doughnut Week were stacked on top of each other, they would reach into outer space!


In 2015, 708 bakers took part making it one of the most successful years ever. With this in mind we wanted to share some inspiration from the restaurants of Manchester on how you can really tempt your customers this week with some serious doughnut ideas! We’ve all seen churros and cronuts but these ideas take doughnuts to the extreme.


Ice cream doughnut sandwich


We already think that doughnuts are the ultimate treat on any menu but @SolitaNQ have made it the ultimate indulgence by adding this ice cream doughnut sandwich to their dessert menu. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two sugary sweet doughnuts and coated with warm chocolate sauce and dark chocolate pieces, your customers really won’t be able to say no.


Savoury doughnuts


With so many talented chefs and caterers putting their hand towards creating twists on these delicious snacks and with them becoming an extremely popular part of the street food trend, it’s no surprise that @BeastysWLD have created a savoury version.


The challenge during Doughnut Week is to go the extra mile to create doughnuts that really stand out from the crowd and these certainly do that. @BeastysWLD swap the traditional doughnut dough for a spiced brioche one before stuffing with luxurious fillings and frying. Fillings include anything from pork and apple puree and duck and lavender to Italian mozzarella and chicken, garlic and parsley.


Reds True BBQ


Another hot trend on the street food scene is elaborate burger creations and @RedsTrueBBQ certainly haven’t disappointed with this doughnut burger.


Replacing the bun on this two layer flame grilled steak burger with cheese, bacon and crispy fried onions is two sticky sweet glazed doughnuts.


#DidYouKnow Glazed has been voted the most popular flavour doughnut!

It shouldn’t work, but sweet Red above…it’s incredible. #redsdonutburger

A photo posted by Red’s True Barbecue (@redstruebbq) on


If you’re running short of time our BAKO NW doughnut mixes are the ideal solution, meaning that you can concentrate on new ways you want to add them to your menu.


Inspired to take the plunge? We’d love to see what you’re offering your customers for National Doughnut week; share your tempting treat photos with BAKO on Twitter.

Celebrating National Pretzel Day

27 April, 2016

Most commonly known for its unusual shape and ‘skin’, the pretzel has been a popular on-the-go snack for a number of years. Although recognised for its traditional recipe, the pretzel has become popular amongst foodies and has been given a modern makeover on many street food inspired menus. With this in mind and National Pretzel Day being celebrated this week, we thought we’d share some inspiration for how you can add the pretzel to your menu!

Savoury pretzels

Burger pretzel and savoury pretzel

Although traditionally known as a savoury snack the pretzel has been taken to the next level by recreating it as a bun, perfect to house the burgers on your menu. Rich and dark brown in colour with the signature skin this perfectly puffed, salty and chewy roll is the ideal accompaniment to a juicy burger. Try swapping your brioche bun for a pretzel one this month.

Stuffed pizza crusts have become extremely popular on many a menu, but why not make it the star of the show by creating stuffed pizza pretzels? A hot, salty pretzel stuffed with pizza toppings and baked with a topping of gooey cheese is sure to prove a hit on any menu. We think this would be the ideal treat to serve as a hot grab-and-go lunch for those busy customers of yours.

pizza pretzel

Sweet pretzels

Soft or hard, sweet or savoury, the pretzel debate is an ongoing one. Though with this in mind we don’t think your customers would be able to resist the temptation of half and half. A packet of crispy salted pretzels half dipped in chocolate is definitely the superior option to a packet of crisps to accompany your customer’s meal deal.

Sweet pretzels

Or why not swap the traditional pain au chocolat on your breakfast menu for a soft chocolate covered pretzel?

Sprinkles and yoghurt pretzels

We even think pretzels could be the perfect little treat for your little customers. Coating them in chocolate and hundreds and thousands is bound to keep a smile on your younger customer’s faces. For a healthier alternative or as a lunchbox filler try coating them in yoghurt.

Help us settle the debate on Twitter and let us know what your favourite pretzel is, sweet or savoury?

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