Refresh your pub lunch menu this summer

10 June, 2016

With this summer promising a whole host of unmissable sport, many of us will be flooding to our local pubs to catch a glimpse of the action. Regardless of whether you run a sports bar or a traditional British pub, having a great food menu can be key to drawing in the punters.

So, what delicious dishes could you be rustling up this summer? To give you a little inspiration, here are a few ideas for you that could refresh your pub lunch menu.

Sensational snacks

Homemade sausage rolls

With not everyone wanting a full sit down dinner, having a great range of snacks on your menu can still tempt your customers’ taste buds. Homemade sausage rolls are ideal for sharing, packed full of flavour and encased in wonderfully flaky puff pastry. We love this recipe for mustard and tarragon sausage rolls: succulent British pork, enhanced with a sprinkling of chopped tarragon leaves and a generous helping of wholegrain mustard.

Pork Pie

Another dish inspired by the summer picnic basket, miniature pork pies with piccalilli are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Also perfect for sharing, these pork pies feature both sausage meat and bacon, flavoured with sage, mace and piccalilli. All wrapped up in golden shortcrust pastry, these bite-size snacks are perfect to nibble on over the course of a sunny afternoon.

Marvellous mains

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Roast With Asperagus

If pork’s a regular feature on your menu, why not give your classic pork fillet a little twist? Swap the oven for the barbecue and stuff the pork with Boursin and apple for a loin that’s bursting with flavour. For added smokiness, soak wood chips in water, drain them and sprinkle over the hot coals.

Chicken Kebabs with Lime and Chili

For a lighter option, chilli and lime chicken skewers are a great addition to a summer menu. Fiery, zesty and perfect for cooking under a grill or on a barbecue, these juicy chicken kebabs are best served with a coriander garnish and a few lime wedges.

Delicious desserts

Fruit pastry or berries crumb cake over wooden table background

When it comes to dessert, there are plenty of refreshing seasonal ingredients to choose from. For a summer twist on the winter crumble, this tangy and delicious raspberry crumble pie is a great alternative. Fresh raspberries covered in a cinnamon spiced crumble and held together by a sweet pastry case, this pudding is set to go down a treat! Serve warm with vanilla ice cream.

Hot Raspberry Souffle with Langue de Chat Biscuits and Spoon on the Side

Cool and refreshing, iced red berry soufflés  are a brilliant finale to a summer pub lunch. Mixed summer berries teamed with a hint of lemon juice and whipped up into a light soufflé, these puddings are frozen for at least 12 hours before serving.

What’s your ultimate summer pub lunch dish? Share your suggestions with us via Twitter!

Five floral flavours you need to try now

23 May, 2016

It’s always fun to bring something new to the table when the summer months arrive. And what could be more tempting for your customers than seasonal floral flavours?

From rose to lavender, elderflower and more, tastes straight from the garden have become increasingly popular in recent years. However, there’s no need to rely on just one flavour. Many of the latest recipes combine floral essences with a zing of citrus, a crackling nut or a sweet spice, to create truly exciting flavour combinations.

We’ve found five of the best below. And trust us, you need to try them ASAP.

Lavender and lemon loaf cake 

Lavender, lemon cake with fresh lemons and lavender flowers

There’s no risk of a soapy taste with this surprisingly simple recipe. Buy your flour, sugar, butter and yoghurt in bulk, then add lemon zest and a juicy topping to beautifully cut through the musky lavender. Best served with a pot of earl grey.

Rose water cupcakes

Rose cupcake

Possibly featuring the most delicately flavoured buttercream icing ever, this recipe is a real winner at afternoon tea. Rumour has it that rose water is a wonderful mood-enhancer, so it’s the perfect choice for a pick-me-up. Just add the rose water at every step, and top with a petal for a charming finishing touch.

Lime, mango and elderflower cakes

mini bundt cakes with glaze

This flavour combination is enough to get any mouth watering – and that’s before you see the finished article. With the light, fresh flavour of elderflower cordial and the fruity additions of lime and mango, this is a bright summer staple you’ll want to bring back every year.

Lilac blossom almond scones

Lilac scones

Pretty and perfectly flavoured, this recipe requires a bit of extra elbow grease for a truly magical result. Once again, it’s a fairly traditional recipe with a fantastic floral twist. And for great ideas on what jams, creams and drinks to serve it with, just check out the comments section on the blog.

Dandelion baklava

Dandelion baklava

This one’s a little throwback to our Eurovision blog, but with a dollop of dandelion. You’ll need to use filo leaves to get the texture just right, but it’s well worth the trouble. The crunchy nuts and warm spices mix perfectly with the dainty dandelion flavours. A real must-bake.

So, with delicious dandelions, wonderful roses, lilac blossom, elderflower and lavender to choose from, which recipe will you trial first? Whatever you choose, it’s bound to add a summery perfume to your cake selection, and keep your customers coming back for more.

Found an even better floral recipe? Why not share it with us on Twitter?

Or if you’d prefer something more fruity than floral, take a look last year’s ‘Baking with fruit this summer’ blog.

Can you bake these 5 forgotten breads in 5 days?

16 May, 2016

As Real Bread Week has come around again, we couldn’t help but think of all the traditional bakers we serve every day. The kind of baker that gets up in the early hours, comes home covered in flour, and thinks there’s nothing better than the smell of warm bread.

If that rings any bells, then you’re in for a treat. Because this week, we’re harking back to the golden days of baking with a brand new baker challenge. And it involves bringing back some old favourites for you and your customers to enjoy.

Not all of these recipes are easy, so it’s a great chance to get inspired, test your skills, and produce something that really wows.

The question is: can you bake all five before the week is up?

Day 1: Dorset Wiggs

For Day 1, we’ve chosen Dorset Wiggs. Tiny little buns, flavoured with spices that could be found in England from about 1500, such as nutmeg, cloves, caraway seeds and mace. Apparently they were traditionally eaten for breakfast, spread with butter, although the famous diarist Samuel Pepys had them for supper with a nightcap. Either way, they sound delicious.

Dorset Wiggs recipe here.

Day 2: Huffkins

These adorably-named rolls are native to Kent. Wonderfully soft, oval-shaped, and originally eaten with cherries, they make a charming teatime sandwich too. Just don’t forget to add a thumb-shaped indentation to your dough – it’s the defining mark of a good Huffkin.

Huffkins recipe here.

Day 3: Clapbread

Also known as clapcake, havercake and havver bread, these oaty Cumbrian specialities once nabbed a mention in an Elizabeth Gaskell novel, and were eaten all over the North of England. They got their name from a key part of the recipe: where they’re beaten or “clapped” until flat, then baked on a griddle.

They’re rarely made today, but thanks to their size (up to a foot in diameter) and flat shape, they make an interesting challenge for the modern baker.

Clapbread recipe here.

Day 4: Cottage loaf

Word has it that this was the most common way to make bread before the Second World War, but today you’d be lucky to find this shape in a bakery. Formed with two separate doughy spheres placed on top of each other, it’s deliciously crusty – and perfect for dipping in soup. Perhaps less so for a sandwich or toast.

You can find the tricky cottage loaf recipe here.

Want to ensure your cottage loaf is perfect every time? Take a look at our specialist range of flours to guarantee professional results.

Day 5: Wood Street Cakes

Back in the day, London’s Wood Street was famous for its bakers. But it was one particular bake that really put it on the map, called the Wood Street Cake. The stories say that one was given to soon-to-be King James II by Lady Anne Murray, when she smuggled him into Europe in disguise.

Whether those stories are true or not, we don’t know, but we can see why Lady Anne would have chosen these as a snack. Lightly yeasted fruitcakes with rose water icing? Yes please.

So why is this our final challenge of Real Bread Week? Well, it’s extra difficult, because it’s tricky to find the recipe online. So you can either borrow a copy of this book, or experiment with your own version.

We think the latter option sounds more fun. So why not share your creations with us on Twitter?

We’d love to see how you take to the 5-day challenge, and how much your customers enjoy the results!

Looking for more information on our diverse range of BAKO Select flours? Take a look at our guide to five of our essential flours and find out how to achieve best results.

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